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Fluidampr Harmonic Engine Damper

Fluidampr Harmonic Engine Damper

Stock dampers are tuned for maximum effectiveness with a stock rotating assembly when it's spinning at low rpm's. When the pistons, connecting rods, or crankshaft are changed or modified, or normal rpm range is increased, the effectiveness of a stock damper is reduced.

A good aftermarket damper protects your crank. Fluidampr is in a class all by itself, because it is designed to provide maximum control of all engine harmonic vibrations, regardless of the rpm at which they occur and regardless of the crankshaft's natural frequency. This translates to maximum protection of the crank, main bearings, related engine components and more consistent power output. Also, Fluidampr is maintenance and repair free. Fluidampr is effective on both race and street applications.

Honda B Series Internally Balanced
590601Street Series - P/S, Air and Alt. pulleySTBZ5-7/8"7.8 (5.3)1.1003 / 1.10132.479
620601Race Series - 40% under drive alt. pulley onlySTBZ6-1/48.8 (5.9)1.1003 / 1.10132.329
Honda H22 Series Internally Balanced
730602Race Series - 30% under drive alt. pulley onlyALHCA7-3/8"6.8 (4.6)1.180 / 1.1812.928
Honda K Series Internally Balanced
570601Street SeriesSTBZ5-7/86.5 (4.3)1.1815 / 1.18251.97
Toyota 2JZ I-6 Internally Balanced
840801Street SeriesSTBZ8-1/2"9.7 (6.5)1.378 / 1.3792.1
Nissan Internally Balanced
610901Street Series - RB26DET Phase-1 BNR32 GT-RSTBZ6-1/811 (7.4)1.1795 / 1.18053.131
610911Street Series - RB26DET Phase-2 BCNR33 GT-R & BNR-34 GT-RSTBZ6-1/810.9 (7.3)1.1795 / 1.18052.995
640901Street Series - VQ35 350Z V6STBZ6-1/210.3 (6.9)1.259 / 1.2602.822
Mitsubishi Evo 8 & 9 Internally Balanced
610701Street SeriesSTBZ6-1/86.8 (4.5)1.590 / 1.5921.779
Mitsubishi 4G63/T DSM Internally Balanced
630701Street SeriesSTBZ6-3/87.8 (5.2)1.590 / 1.5921.787
Mazda 6 3.0L V6 Internally Balanced
571001Race Series - 10% under drive pulley 2003-2008STBZ5-7/88.1 (5.4)1.2468 / 1.24822.46
Subaru EJ Internally Balanced
531101Street SeriesSTBZ5-3/86.9 (4.6)0.9436 / 0.94461.927
5512011.8L Turbo Motor 2000-2005, 4 hole mountingSTBZ5-5/85.851.1831.743
5512112.0L FSI Motor 2006-2008, 6 hole mountingSTBZ5-5/85.851.1831.743