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GReddy Electronics

GReddy Electronics

GReddy Informeter Touch

GReddy Informeter Touch

Powerful and user-friendly, the new Info-Touch provides advanced engine monitoring, with touch screen ease. Installation of the 3.5” Color TFT unit is made simple with the provided OBD/CAN and 12V cigarette lighter plugs. The Info-Touch is ideal for most vehicles, from stock cars to highly-tuned street machines. Depending on vehicle, the unit can display from a large list of factory ECU signal Items, estimate Power with a weight/acceleration run, estimate Fuel Economy and Cost in Eco mode, Data-log up to 15 minutes of info, and read/reset DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes,) And by simply touching the controls, you may select from choices of viewing the screen vertically or horizontally in 5 pre-set patterns and 6 meter styles: [Digital, Bar meter, Needle meter, Circle bar, Graph, & Chart]. Other features include, options for English or Japanese, SAE or Metric readings, Peak-hold memory, visual/audio programmable warning values and selectable scales. The Info-Touch also has options for displaying external signals from other GReddy units like the v-manage and f-manage or even non-GReddy units like A/F meters and more.

Make/ItemVehicle/EngineYearDsc./SizeSpl. NotesPart#
INFORMETER - TOUCHtouch-screen OBD2 monitor, datalogger, warning,DTC75mm x 107mm x 16mm16001604
NON-OBD ADAPTER HARNESS(optional) adapts Informeter Touch to Non-OBD Nissan Port16401700
SERIAL COM HARNESS(optional) Serial COM 16401701
TEMPERATURE SENSORCoolant or Oil Sensor (Temp) requires: sensor harness & sensor adapter16401304

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GReddy Full Auto Turbo Timer II

Easy to install plug-in adapter harnesses available for most Japanese Turbo vehicles

Make/ItemVehicle/EngineYearDsc./SizeSpl. NotesPart#
FULL AUTO TURBO TIMER II2 pre-set times, 2 auto-mode times, voltage meter, speedo, clockSeparate Type, Black15500022
TT-14-11 TT HARNESSMR2 S/C1985-89w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15910001
TT-14-13 T.T HARNESSMR-2 TURBO1990-92w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15910003
TT-14-11 T.T HARNESSCELICA1987-92w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15910001
TT-14-11 T.T HARNESSSUPRA TURBO1987-90w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15910001
TT-14-13 T.T HARNESSSUPRA TURBO1991-92w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15910003
TT-14-14 T.T HARNESSSUPRA T/T1993-96w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15910004
TT-14-21 T.T HARNESS280SX TURBO1981-83w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15920001
TT-14-22 T.T HARNESS300ZX TURBO1984-89w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15920002
TT-14-22M T.T HARNESS300ZX T/T1990-96w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15920012
TT-14-32 T.T HARNESSRX-7 TURBO1987-91w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15940002
TT-14-33 T.T HARNESSRX-7 T/T1993-96w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15940003
TT-14-42 T.T HARNESSECLIPSE GST/GSX1989-94w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15930002
TT-14-43 T.T HARNESSECLIPSE GST/GSX1989-94w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15930003
TT-14-43M T.T HARNESSECLIPSE GST/GSX1995-97w/12v, Ign, Acess pig-tail leads15930013

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GReddy PRofec B-spec Boost Controller

GReddy PRofec Boost Controllers

The GReddy PRofec B-spec. is one of the simplest, easy to use electronic boost controllers on the market today. Available in either Black or Clear Blue cases, the PRofec B-spec uses a reliable twin-solenoid valve control motor. There are two presets labeled Lo. and Hi., as well as a Balance knob to alter the wastegate boost response. This unit also can be used with both integral/actuator or external/poppet style wastegates good for twin and sequential turbo setups. Compatible with the GReddy Remote Switching System.

Make/ItemVehicle/EngineYearDsc./SizeSpl. NotesPart#
PROFEC B SPEC IIblack, electronic boost controller15500209
PROFEC B SPEC IIsilver, electronic boost controller15500210
REPLACEMENT SOLENOIDfor Profec E-01, B spec II, Type S15900535

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GReddy Remote Switching System

GReddy Remote Switch

GReddy Remote Switching System allows the user hands-free modulation between high boost and low boost settings on either of our PRofec boost controllers. It can also be used as a momentary switch for nitrous, line lock, etc. Use our optional voltage adapters to wire it up for these features.

Make/ItemVehicle/EngineYearDsc./SizeSpl. NotesPart#
REMOTE SWITCHING SYSTEMwireless steering wheel mounted switch & mono-plug recieverfor PRofec, e-Manage, Ultimate, or 5V/12V RSS adapter15500351

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GReddy e-Manage Ultimate (piggy-back fuel computer)

GReddy e-Manage Ultimate

The GReddy e-manage Ultimate is as close to a stand-alone management system as you can get while maintaining the best features of a "piggy-back" engine management; an economical price, the usage of existing sensors, the ability to easily alter factory settings and not having to tune from scratch. But unlike the original e-manage, the Ultimate is more refined, requiring specific application usage (which we are constantly adding application updates that you can download FREE via, Tech WebPages.) The benefit of this is, the included PC-based USB "Ultimate Support Tool" allows for even finer tuning capabilities, improved flexibility in fuel & ignition control and adds impressive data-logging qualities to make tuning quicker and easier. The increased number of input and output ports of the Ultimate, along with new built-in adapters add many new options to the unit. In addition to standard e-manage airflow-based adjustments, the Ultimate version includes new and upgraded features. The Parameter Set-up, tab menu format of the Ultimate has improved direct Map control for adding and subtracting Fuel and Ignition. The ability to switch between 2 preset tuning Maps (i.e. Street or Race program) via externally mounted toggle switches. There are Maps for Individual cylinder adjustment for both Fuel and Ignition. There are also options to convert injection and ignition systems (i.e. group or sequential injection and group or individual fire ignition.) An Airflow Output Map option even allows for airflow meter elimination. And when used with a wideband A/F Meter, the Air Fuel Target Map can self-tune an Injector base tuning Map, to speed up initial tuning. There are also built-in Boost, Rev and Speed Limiter-Cut features. To create super smooth operation, there are various fine tuning Correction Maps to adjust for Throttle Acceleration, Vehicle Speed, Water Temp, Intake Temp, Auto Trans Shift, Anti Engine Stall, and Idle. To further aid in tuning, e-manage Ultimate’s improved integrated Monitoring, Map Tracing and Datalogging features far exceed any other piggyback controller on the market. Even when not connected to the software, 8 channels of datalogging (at 20msec intervals) can be recorded and stored to be reviewed later. With the Support Tool connected, over 30 channels can be covered. Other new features include: Improved RPM recognition, Warning Settings, Password Protection for individual tuning Maps, NVCS (Nissan), VTEC (Honda), O2 Feed-back, Clean Fouled Plugs, and numerous others in future updates. Ideal for optimizing and fine-tuning for performance products like Exhaust, Air Intake, Intercoolers, Boost Controllers, and Turbochargers, the e-manage Ultimate fills the gaps between conventional piggyback and expensive stand-alone engine managements. All installation and tuning should only be made by a trained technician with proper air/fuel monitoring tools. (Some or all functions may not be compatible with some applications.)

Make/ItemVehicle/EngineYearDsc./SizeSpl. NotesPart#
e-MANAGE ULTIMATEONLY VEHICLES SUPPORTED BY SOFTWAREadvance piggy-back engine management, datalogger w/ Ultimate PC Support Tool CDrequires harness kit, functions vary per application15500501
ULTIMATE INJ. ADAPTER 4elim. check light for INJ use: GTO6 cylinder15901507
ULTIMATE IGN. SIGNAL ADAPTER 1elim. check light for IGN use: NEO ER3415921500
TOYESTIMA (MCR30/40) 1MZ-FE00-+T-20 Plug and Play Harness for the E-manage Ultimate.O2 Sensor Adpater 1 Recommended15911505
TOYESTIMA (MCR30/40) 1MZ-FE00-+T-23 Plug and Play Harness for the E-manage Ultimate.O2 Sensor Adapter 1 Recommended.15911506
TOYMARK II (JZX110) 1JZ-GTE96-00T-16 Plug and Play Harness for the E-manage Ultimate.15911503
SCITC (FW21) 2AZ-FE7T-21US Plug and Play Harness for the E-manage Ultimate.15911512
NISMARCH (K12) CR10DE02-+N-12 Plug and Play Harness for the E-manage Ultimate.Ignition Adapter 1 included.15921504
NISMARCH (K12) CR12DE02-+N-12 Plug and Play Harness for the E-manage Ultimate.Ignition Adapter 1 included15921504
NISMARCH (K12) CR14DE02-+N-12 Plug and PlayHarness for the E-manage Ultimate.Ignition Adapter 1 Included.15921504
MITEVOLUTION (CT9A-VII) 4G632-JanM-5 Plug and Play Harness for the E-manage Ultimate.Injector Adapter 3 included.15931501
MITEVOLUTION (CP9A-V-VI) 4G6398-01M-5 Plug and Play Harness for the E-manage Ultimate.Injector Adapter 3 included.15931501
MITEVOLUTION (CN9A-IV) 4G6396-97M-5 Plug and Play Harness for the E-manage Ultimate.Injector Adapter 3 included.15931501
MITECLIPSE (D32A) 4G6395-99M-5 Plug and Play Harness for the E-manage Ultimate.Injector Adapter 3 included.15931501

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