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Precision Turbo

Precision Fuel Injectors

Precision Turbo Injectors

Upgrading fuel injectors is a necessity when modifying or changing exhaust headers, throttle bodies, fuel systems or cylinder heads. That's why it's important to insist on the best. Each Precision fuel injector is flow checked, individually scribed, hand selected and then carefully matched to within 1% of each other for optimum performance in your vehicle. All horsepower ratings are calculated at 90% duty cycle at 43.5 psi upon a BFSC of .50. Compatible with all known aftermarket drivers.

Domestic Performance Fuel Injectors Top Feed - Double O-Ring
Part NumberModel NumberFlow RateImpedanceNozzle Style
041-0240DMIO2424 lb/hrHigh ImpedancePencil
041-0300DMIO3030 lb/hrHigh ImpedanceBall & Seat
041-0360DMIO3636 lb/hrHigh ImpedanceBall & Seat
041-0370DMIO3737 lb/hrHigh ImpedanceBall & Seat
041-0380DMIO3838 lb/hrHigh ImpedanceDisc
041-0420DMIO4242 lb/hrHigh ImpedanceDisc
041-0500DMIO5050 lb/hrHigh ImpedanceBall & Seat
041-0550DMIO5555 lb/hrLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
041-0650DMIO6565 lb/hrLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
041-0651DMI065HT65 lb/hrHigh ImpedanceDisc
041-0652DMI065HS65 lb/hrHigh ImpedanceDisc
041-0750DMIO7575 lb/hrLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
041-0840DMIO8484 lb/hrLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
041-0950DMIO9595 lb/hrLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
041-1200DMIO120120 lb/hrLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
041-5000DMIO500500 lb/hrLow ImpedancePintel
*Flow rated at factory fuel pressure rating of 58 psi. All other injectors at flow tested at 43.5 psi.
All Precision Injectors 50lb./hr. and larger flow matched
Sport Compact Fuel Injectors
Part NumberModel NumberFlow RateImpedanceNozzle Style
042-0400SCIO400400ccHigh ImpedanceBall & Seat
042-0440SCIO440440ccHigh ImpedanceDisc
042-0525SCIO525525ccHigh ImpedanceBall & Seat
042-0580SCIO580580ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
042-0650SCIO650680ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
042-0651SCIO651650ccHigh ImpedanceDisc
042-0780SCIO780780ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
042-0880SCIO880880ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
042-0950SCIO9501000ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
042-1200SCIO12001200ccLowImpedanceBall & Seat
042-1201SCIO12001200ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
All Precision SCIO Injectors 525cc/min. and larger flow matched
Sport Compact Mitsubishi Fuel Injectors
Part NumberModel NumberFlow RateImpedanceNozzle Style
043-0500SCIM500525ccHigh ImpedanceBall & Seat
043-0540SCIM550550ccLow ImpedanceDisc
043-0580SCIM580580ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
043-0680SCIM680680ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
043-0780SCIM780780ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
043-0880SCIM880880ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
043-0950SCIM9501000ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
043-1200SCIM12001200ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
043-1201SCIM12001200ccLow ImpedanceBall & Seat
All Precision SCIO Injectors 525cc/min. and larger flow matched

Fuel Injector Parts
Part NumberDescription
044-1005GBR 5-112 Injector Connector
044-1006Parts Kit for Domestic 24 lb/hr thru 95 lb/hr Injectors (8) Brown O-rings, (8) Black O-rings, (8) Spacer/Collars
044-1007Parts Kit for Domestic 165 lb/hr Injectors (8) Blue O-rings, (8) Black O-rings, (8) Yellow Caps, (8) Yellow Spacers
044-1015Parts Kit for Sport Compact 580cc thru 1000cc injectors (4) Green O-rings, (4) Brown O-rings, (4) Black O-Rings
044-1020Parts Kit for Sport Compact 1600cc injectors (4) Yellow Caps, (4) Yellow Spacers, (4) Green O-Rings, (4) Black O-Rings
044-1024Parts Kit for Sport Compact Mitsu 550cc Injectors
044-1025Parts Kit for Sport Compact Mitsu 580cc thru 1000cc Injectors (4) Green O-Rings, (4) Pintle Caps, (4) Black O-Rings
044-1030Parts Kit for Sport Compact Mitsu 1600cc injectors (4) Green O-Rings, (4) Uncut Pintle Caps, (4) Black O-Rings
Fuel Injector Rails and Accessories
Part NumberDescription
044-1008Fuel Injector Bungs (each)
044-1010Fuel Rail 24" length
044-1011Fuel Rail 36" Length
044-1012Fuel Rail 48" Length
044-1014Aeromotive Fuel Rail for Mitsu 2.0L
044-2000Fuel Rail Fittings, High Pressure
044-2018Fuel Rail D-Shape 48" Length