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Hondata S300 ECU
Hondata s300 Engine Management
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Hondata s300 Engine Management

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Hondata ECU Upgrades
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  • Hondata 4 Bar Map Sensor

    The Hondata 4 bar map sensor is a plug and play compatible replacement for the Honda factory MAP sensor. It is a direct replacement for the B, D, H and F series Honda engines. This plug in sensor takes less than 60 seconds to install and eliminates the risk of sensor damage that often occurs when attempting to wire in other types of MAP sensors.

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  • Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR)

    Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR)


    The Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR) allows the use of 'coil on plug' individual ignition coils on engines with distributor based ignition systems (D, B, F and H series Honda engines). It does this by replacing the stock coil and ignition with an electronic circuit which can drive igniter type individual ignition coils, such as used on later model Honda engines. A Hondata S300 system and US OBDI ECU are required.

    How much does the Hondata CPR cost?


    What does the Hondata CPR come with?

    The Hondata CPR comes with a wiring harness for your coil packs, a coil pack controller and fly leads for connecting to your distributor and ECU. The Hondata CPR is typically positioned next to the ECU inside the car.

    • More spark energy than a single coil, allowing a larger plug gap and fewer misfires.
    • Individual coils are more durable and less likely to fail than the stock igniter and coil.
    • Additionally, the Coil Pack Retrofit can drive a CDI controller if desired.
    • US OBDI ECU (not included).
    • Hondata S300 system (not included).
    • 4 x coils, Honda part number 30520-PVF-A01 (approx $60 retail and not included)
    Optional parts
    • 4 x coil seals, Honda part number 30522-RNA-A01 (approx $19 retail)

    These coil seals provide a tighter fit than those supplied with the 30520-PVF-A01 coils.

    • Resistor plugs must be used.
    • The coils require a method of retention. B16A, B18C & F22A engines may use the stock plug cover. Other engines require an alternative method of coil retention (not supplied).
    • This is a race product. Cranking times may be increased over a stock ignition set up.
    • For detailed installation instructions click here.
    Does the CPR work with OBD1 JDM (square) ECUs
    • No. This ECU has different output circuitry which is incompatible with the CPR.
    Can I remove the distributor?
    • No. It is needed for the timing signals. See the CPR help file for more details.
    Is the CPR wasted spark?
    • No, each coil only fires once per two engine revolutions. This keeps the coils cooler.
    What coils can I use?
    • Any non-motorcycle Honda coil which has the larger style plug - most 2005-2009 coils will work, however we have found that the 30520-PVF-A01 part is the best length.
    Does the S300 need to be modified?
    • No.
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  • Hondata Traction Control

    Hondata Traction Control

    The Hondata Traction Control for your s300, KPro or FlashPro. Hondata Traction Control works by monitoring the ABS wheel speed sensors and reducing engine output when excessive wheel-spin is detected. A dash mountable switch allows the selection of different target slip rates, and software allows the system to be tuned for your specific vehicle setup.

    ECUEMS Coverage
    S300 (I or II) All ECUs / Models
    KPro (I, II or III) PRB & PRA ECUs including 2000-2005 S2000
    FlashPro2006-2011 Honda Civic Si
    2006-2011 Euro Honda Civic Type R
    2006-2009 Honda S2000
    2007-2008 Acura TSX
    2009-2010 Acura TSX
    • Fully programmable module with wheel speed sensor inputs and adjustable output to ECU.
    • Works with inductive, active and hall effect sensors.
    • One button to set wheel speed sensor calibration.
    • Drive axle setup.
    • On the fly adjustable target wheel slip.
    • Live data monitoring.
    • Twenty seconds of high resolution on board datalogging memory for setup and diagnostics.
    • Wheel speed sensor error logging.
    • Settings for target slip while cornering.
    • PID control of output.
    • Owner registration and password protection for security.
    • Serial and CAN outputs for future expansion.
    Customer Feedback

    “After installation of Hondata's new traction control in my 2007 Civic Type R FN2 my 0-60 times improved by 1.5 secs.″ CPL Racing UK.

    “My dry lap times improved by two seconds and my wet lap times by 4 seconds.″ Diogo Oliveira, 2007 Civic Si, Sao Paulo Brazil.


    How does it work?

    Simply put, the Traction Control commands the ECU to reduce power when the driven wheels are going faster than the un-driven wheels. On-the-fly adjustment of the target slip rate can be performed using a dash mounted switch.

    Will this work on my vehicle?

    If you have ABS, then the ABS sensors can be utilized. If your vehicle does not have ABS but is a model which supports ABS, then only the wheel speed sensors need to be installed. If you don't have ABS and no factory vehicle wheel speed sensors, then you will need to add your own ABS wheel speed sensors.

    Is this only for race cars?

    No, it works very well on street cars.

    Is this better than using a vehicle speed sensor for driveshaft rotation speed?

    Yes. The ABS ring typically gives 50 pulses per wheel revolution. The vehicle speed sensor on an 02 Acura RSX for example gives around 4 pulses per wheel revolution, which reduces the accuracy of your speed determination. In addition, the VSS cannot be used to determine if the car is cornering.

    Can you change tire sizes?

    Yes, setting up for different sized tires is very easy.

    Will this work on both front and rear wheel drive vehicles?

    Yes, the principle behind the wheel slip calculation is exactly the same for front and rear wheel drive.

    Does the Traction Control affect the ABS operation?

    The Traction Control module has high impedance capacitively coupled wheel speed inputs which do not alter the signal to the ABS computer. However, if the ABS error light illuminates, or the ABS operation changes in any way, the vehicle should not be driven until the issue is identified and fixed.

    Do I need an ABS computer, or just the wheel speed sensors?

    Only the wheel speed sensors.

    Do I need four wheel speed sensors?

    Traction control will work with just one front and one rear speed sensor, but cornering slip compensation cannot be calculated unless you have two sensors on the un-driven wheels.

    Will hall effect sensors work?

    Yes, tie the negative side of the wheel speed sensor input to ground.

    My car lifts one rear (FWD) / front (RWD) wheel off the ground when cornering. Will the traction control cope with this?

    Yes, just set the speed determination method of that axle to 'fastest wheel'.

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