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APEXI Exhaust

A´PEXi Exhausts

APEX Exhaust System Product Descriptions

A´PEXi exhaust systems are among the best in the automotive aftermarket industry. Since the company's founding 9 years ago, A´PEXi has helped revolutionize the industry with innovative concepts that focus on both form and function. By using feedback data from our racecars, A´PEXi exhaust systems are engineered to perform. A´PEXi engineers concentrate on performance and sound characteristics, not just aesthetics and tubing diameters. From raw materials to the finished product, each component is manufactured in-house to meet the highest standards. Every vehicle application is extensively researched and tested before final designs are approved for production.

Noir Muffler00-01Integra GSR60mm105mm104BKH19
WS2 Muffler94-99Integra GSR60mm105mm116-KH03
WS2 Muffler00-01Integra GSR60mm105mm116-KH19
N1 Muffler94-99Integra GSR60mm115mm162-KH03
N1 Muffler00-01Integra GSR60mm115mm162-KH11
Noir Muffler94-99Integra GS-R60mm105mm104BKH03
Noir Muffler94-97Integra GSR 4dr60mm105mm104BKH17
WS2 Muffler94-97Integra GSR 4dr60mm105mm116-KH17
N1 Muffler94-97Integra GSR 4dr60mm115mm162-KH10
Noir Muffler94-01Integra LS/ Type R60mm105mm104BKH19
WS2 Muffler94-01Integra LS/ Type R60mm105mm116-KH19
N1 Muffler98-01Integra LS/Type R60mm115mm162-KH11
N1 Muffler02-04RSX Type S60mm115mm162-KH12
GT Spec Muffler02-04RSX Type S60mm115mm172-KH12
Noir Muffler02-04RSX Type-S60mm105mm104BKH20
WS2 Muffler02-04RSX Type-S60mm105mm116-KH20
WS2 Muffler 99-03TL V6 Type-S (Dual)60mm105mm116-KH22
WS2 Muffler (Dual L/R)04+TSX60mm105mm x 2116-KH30
WS2 Muffler90-93Accord 2/4 Door, DX,LX,EX60mm105mm116-KH08
WS2 Muffler96-97Accord 2/4 Door, EX Only60mm105mm116-KH07
WS2 Muffler94-95Accord 2/4 Door, LX,EX60mm105mm116-KH07
WS2 Muffler03-07Accord 4 Cyl Coupe60mm105mm116-KH28
WS2 Muffler98-02Accord 4Cyl 4Door60mm105mm116-KH25
WS2 Muffler98-02Accord EX Single 4 cyl. Coupe60mm105mm116-KH14
WS2 Muffler (Dual L/R)98-02Accord V6 4Door 60mm105mm116-KH24
WS2 Muffler 03-07Accord V6 Coupe (Dual)60mm105mm x 2116-KH29
WS2 Muffler (Dual L/R)98-02Accord V6 Dual Coupe60mm105mm x 2116-KH12
N1 Muffler92-00Civic Coupe 92-00 EX / Si60mm115mm162-KH01
WS2 Muffler92-95Civic Coupe DX60mm105mm116-KH01
WS2 Muffler96-00Civic Coupe DX60mm105mm116-KH05
N1 Muffler92-95Civic Coupe DX60mm115mm162-KH01
N1 Muffler96-00Civic Coupe DX60mm115mm162-KH05
GT Spec Muffler92-95Civic Coupe DX60mm115mm172-KH04
WS2 Muffler01-05Civic Coupe EX60mm105mm116-KH21
N1 Muffler01-05Civic Coupe EX60mm115mm162-KH13
GT Spec Muffler01-05Civic Coupe EX 60mm115mm172-KH13
Noir Muffler92-00Civic Coupe EX / Si60mm105mm104BKH01
WS2 Muffler92-00Civic Coupe EX / Si60mm105mm116-KH01
GT Spec Muffler92-00Civic Coupe EX / Si60mm115mm172-KH04
Noir Muffler92-95Civic EG Hatch DX60mm105mm104BKH02
Noir Muffler96-00Civic EK Hatch60mm105mm104BKH09
GT Spec Muffler92-95Civic H/B60mm115mm172-KH05
WS2 Muffler96-00Civic H/B DX60mm105mm116-KH09
N1 Muffler96-00Civic H/B DX60mm115mm162-KH07
WS2 Muffler92-95Civic H/B excl. Si60mm105mm116-KH02
N1 Muffler92-95Civic H/B excl. Si60mm115mm162-KH02
WS2 Muffler88-91Civic H/B Si/DX60mm105mm116-KH18
N1 Muffler06+Civic Si60mm115mm162-KH15
Noir Muffler07+Civic Si 4 Door Sedan60mm105mm104BKH32
WS2 Muffler07+Civic Si 4 Door Sedan60mm105mm116-KH32
N1 Muffler07+Civic Si 4 Door Sedan60mm100mm162-KH16
Noir Muffler06+Civic Si Coupe60mm105mm104BKH31
WS2 Muffler06+Civic Si Coupe60mm105mm116-KH31
Noir Muffler02-05Civic Si HB60mm105mm104BKH27
WS2 Muffler02-05Civic Si HB60mm105mm116-KH27
N1 Muffler02-05Civic Si HB60mm115mm162-KH14
N1 Muffler94-97Integra LS/Type R60mm115mm162-KH04
WS2 Muffler92-96Prelude ALL60mm105mm116-KH06
N1 Muffler92-96Prelude ALL60mm115mm162-KH06
WS2 Muffler97-01Prelude Type SH60mm105mm116-KH11
N1 Muffler97-01Prelude Type SH60mm115mm162-KH09
WS2 Muffler97-01Prelude VTEC60mm105mm116-KH10
N1 Muffler97-01Prelude VTEC60mm115mm162-KH08
Noir Muffler97-01Prelude VTEC (non-SH)60mm105mm104BKH10
WS2 Muffler00-08S200060mm105mm116-KH26
N1 Muffler00-08S200060mm90mm162-KH26
GT Spec Muffler00-08S200060mm115mm172-KH14
N1 Muffler (Dual L/R)03+Tiburon 4cyl/V660mm115mm x 2162-KI09
WS2 Muffler (Dual L/R)98-05GS300/400/43065mm x2105mm x 2116-KT01
WS2 Muffler01-05IS30060mm105mm116-KT05
N1 Muffler01-06IS30060.5mm-65mm115mm162-KT05
GT Spec Muffler01-05IS30060mm-65mm115mm172-KT05
WS2 Muffler 03+Mazda 6 4 Cyl. Sedan Dual60mm105mm x 2116-KZ01
WS2 Muffler 03+Mazda 6 V6 Sedan Dual60mm105mm x 2116-KZ02
N1 EVO Muffler 90-97Miata50-60mm90mm162AZ001
Bomber 390-97Miata50-60mm90mm162CZ001
Noir Muffler93-95RX-775mm-80mm115mm103BKZ02
RS EVO Muffler93-95RX-780-85mm120mm113AZ001
Hybrid Megaphone EVO93-95RX-770-80mm115mm115AZ001
PSRevo Muffler93-95RX-785mm-95mm115mm159-Z001
N1 Ex Ti Muffler93-95RX-770mm-95mm115mm161SKZ02
N1 EVO Muffler 93-95RX-770-80mm115mm161AZ001
N1 EVO Muffler 86-91RX-770-80mm115mm161AZ002
Bomber 393-95RX-770-80mm115mm161CZ001
Bomber 386-91RX-770-80mm115mm161CZ002
N-1 Dual Muffler86-91RX-765mm-(60.5mm-65mm) x2115mm x 2163-KZ01
N-1 Dual Muffler93-95RX-770mm-(60.5mm-65mm) x290mm x 2163-KZ02
GT Spec Muffler93-95RX-770-95mm115mm171PZ001
GT Spec Muffler86-91RX-765mm-75mm-85mm115mm171-Z002
GT Downpipes86-91RX-7 (FC3S)70mm145-Z001
Hybrid Megaphone EVO04+RX-860-60mm x 2105mm x 2116AZ009
PSRevo Muffler (Dual L/R)03+RX-860mm-70mm115mm x 2158-Z009
N1 Muffler95-99Eclipse GS60mm115mm162-KM01
GT Downpipes95-99Eclipse GST60mm-70mm145-KM02
N-1 Downpipes95-99Eclipse GST60mm-70mm147-KM02
WS2 Muffler95-99Eclipse GST (Does not fit Spyder Model)70mm-85mm105mm115-KM02
N1 Muffler95-99Eclipse GST (Does not fit Spyder Model)70mm-74.7mm-85mm115mm161-KM02
GT Spec Muffler95-99Eclipse GS-T (Does not fit Spyder Model)70mm-74.7mm-85mm115mm171-KM02
GT Downpipes95-99Eclipse GSX60mm-80mm145-KM01
N-1 Downpipes95-99Eclipse GSX60mm-80mm147-KM01
N-1 Downpipes90-94Eclipse GSX60mm-70mm147-KM03
N1 Muffler90-94Eclipse GSX70mm-74.7mm115mm161-KM03
WS2 Muffler95-99Eclipse GSX (Does not fit Spyder Model)80mm-85mm.105mm115-KM01
N1 Muffler95-99Eclipse GSX (Does not fit Spyder Model)80mm-85mm115mm161-KM01
GT Spec Muffler95-99Eclipse GSX (Does not fit Spyder Model)80mm-85mm115mm171-KM01
N1 CAT Pipe (Test Pipe)01-09EVO 7, 8, 9 (Race Use Onlu)148-M001
RS EVO Muffler08+EVO X70mm. - 75mm. X 2120mm. x 2 113AM013
Hybrid Megaphone EVO08+EVO X65-70mm x 2115mm x 2115AM013
Noir Muffler03-05Lancer EVO 870mm-75mm-85mm115mm103BKM04
WS2 Muffler03-05Lancer EVO 870mm-75mm-80mm105mm115-KM04
PSRevo Muffler03-05Lancer EVO 870mm-75mm-85mm115mm159-KM04
N1 Ex Ti Muffler03-05Lancer EVO 870mm.-75mm.-85mm.115mm161SKM04
N1 Muffler03-05Lancer EVO 870mm.-75mm.-80mm.115mm161-KM04
GT Spec Muffler03-05Lancer EVO 870mm.-75mm.-85mm.115mm171-KM04
Noir Muffler06+Lancer EVO 970mm-75mm-85mm115mm103BKM04
WS2 Muffler06+Lancer EVO 970mm-75mm-80mm105mm115-KM04
PSRevo Muffler06+Lancer EVO 970mm-75mm-85mm115mm159-KM04
N1 Ex Ti Muffler06+Lancer EVO 970mm.-75mm.-85mm.115mm161SKM04
N1 Muffler06+Lancer EVO 970mm.-75mm.-80mm.115mm161-KM04
GT Spec Muffler06+Lancer EVO 970mm.-75mm.-85mm.115mm171-KM04
GT Downpipes03-05Lancer EVO VIII65mm145-M005
GT Downpipes08+Lancer EVO X70mm145-M006
Hybrid Megaphone EVO01-06MINI Cooper54mm105mm116AI002
N1 EVO Muffler 01-06MINI Cooper54mm90mm162AI002
Hybrid Megaphone EVO04-07MINI Cooper Type-S54-60mm x 285mm x 2116AI003
Noir Muffler89-94240SX75mm-85mm115mm103BKN01
Noir Muffler95-98240SX75mm-85mm115mm103BKN02
Hybrid Megaphone EVO95-98240SX70-80mm115mm115AN013
N1 Ex Ti Muffler89-94240SX75mm-75mm-95mm115mm161SKN01
N1 Ex Ti Muffler95-98240SX75mm-75mm-95mm115mm161SKN02
N1 EVO Muffler 95-98240SX75-85mm115mm161AN003
N1 EVO Muffler 91-94240SX75-85mm115mm161AN004
Bomber 395-98240SX75-85mm115mm161CN003
Bomber 391-94240SX75-85mm115mm161CN004
N1 Muffler89-94240SX75-85mm115mm161-KN01
N1 Muffler95-98240SX75-85mm115mm161-KN02
N-1 Dual Muffler89-94240SX60.5mm-65mm x290mm x 2163-KN01
N-1 Dual Muffler95-98240SX60.5mm-65mm x290mm x 2163-KN02
GT Spec Muffler89-94240SX75-80-95mm115mm171PN003
GT Spec Muffler95-98240SX75-80-95mm115mm171PN004
GT Downpipes91-98240SX (S13/S14 J-Spec)80mm145-N005
Hybrid Megaphone EVO89-96300ZX60-65mm x 2115mm x 2115AN005
N1 EVO Muffler 89-96300ZX(60 x 2)-75-85-95mm115mm161AN010
PSRevo Muffler (Dual L/R)03+350 Z 70mm-75mm-80mm115mm x 2158-N052
Hybrid Megaphone EVO03-08350Z70-75-60mm x2115mm x 2116AN052
N1 Ex Ti Muffler03+350Z70mm.-80mm.115mm162SKN09
N1 EVO Muffler 03-08350Z70-80-60mm x 290mm x 2162AN052
N1 Muffler (Dual L/R)03+350Z70mm-80mm90mm x 2162-KN08
WS2 Muffler03+350Z (Dual)70mm-75mm105mm x 2116-KN08
WS2 Muffler02-06Altima 4 Cyl 60mm105mm116-KN05
WS2 Muffler 02-06Altima V6 (Dual)60mm105mm x 2116-KN06
GT Downpipes95-98BCNR33 Skyline GTR70mm x 2 - 80mm145-N001
N1 EVO Muffler 95-98BCNR33 Skyline GTR85mm-95mm115mm161AN001
GT Downpipes90-94BNR32 Skyline GTR70mm x 2 - 80mm145-N001
N1 Ex Ti Muffler89-94BNR32 Skyline GTR85mm-95mm115mm161SKN03
N1 EVO Muffler 89-94BNR32 Skyline GTR85mm-95mm115mm161AN002
GT Spec Muffler89-94BNR32 Skyline GTR85mm-95mm115mm171PN001
GT Downpipes99-02BNR34 Skyline GTR70mm x 2 - 80mm145-N001
GT Downpipes95-98ECR33 Skyline GT-S80mm145-N004
N1 EVO Muffler 95-98ECR33 Skyline GT-S85mm-95mm115mm161AN001
N1 Muffler (Dual L/R)03-06G35 Coupe70mm-80mm90mm x 2162-KN07
WS2 Muffler 03-06G35 Coupe (Dual)70mm-75mm105mm x 2116-KN07
GT Downpipes89-94HCR32 Skyline GT-S80mm145-N002
N1 Ex Ti Muffler89-94HCR32 Skyline GT-S85mm-95mm115mm161SKN03
N1 EVO Muffler 89-94HCR32 Skyline GT-S85mm-95mm115mm161AN002
GT Spec Muffler89-94HCR32 Skyline GT-S85mm-95mm115mm171PN001
WS2 Muffler97-99Maxima60mm105mm116-KN10
N1 CAT Pipe (Test Pipe)89-02Nissan SR20, RB26 (Race Use Only)148-N010
WS2 Muffler02-06Sentra SE-R Spec V60mm105mm116-KN04
N1 Muffler02-06Sentra SE-R Spec V60mm115mm162-KN04
Hybrid Megaphone EVO99-02Silvia70-80mm115mm115AN022
PSRevo Muffler99-02Silvia75-85mm115mm159-N013
N1 EVO Muffler 99-02Silvia75-80mm115mm161AN013
Bomber 399-02Silvia75-80mm115mm161CN013
GT Spec Muffler99-02Silvia75-85mm115mm171PN007
RS EVO Muffler99-02Silvia S15 (J-spec)75-85mm120mm113AN013
GT Downpipes99+Silvia S15 (J-spec)80mm145-N006
PSRevo Muffler99+Skyline GTR80-85-95mm115mm159-N014
N1 EVO Muffler 99+Skyline GTR80-85-95mm115mm161AN014
Bomber 399+Skyline GTR80-85-95mm115mm161CN014
GT Spec Muffler99+Skyline GTR80-85-95mm115mm171PN008
Hybrid Megaphone EVO89-94Skyline GTR/GTS70-80mm115mm115AN002
PSRevo Muffler95-98Skyline GTR/GTS80-85-95mm115mm159-N001
PSRevo Muffler89-94Skyline GTR/GTS80-85-95mm115mm159-N002
Bomber 395-98Skyline GTR/GTS85-95mm115mm161CN001
Bomber 389-94Skyline GTR/GTS85-95mm115mm161CN002
GT Spec Muffler95-98Skyline GTR/GTS80-85-95mm115mm171PN002
RS EVO Muffler89-94Skyline GTR3285-95mm120mm113AN002
RS EVO Muffler95-98Skyline GTR3385-95mm120mm113AN001
RS EVO Muffler99+Skyline GTR3480-85-95mm120mm113AN014
RS EVO Extreme Muffler08+Skyline GTR3585mm-50.8mm x 2-60.5mm x 2123mm x 4113BN031
Noir Muffler02-07SAAB 92X Aero (EJ20 Turbo Only)75mm-85mm115mm103BKF01
WS2 Muffler05-07SAAB 92X Wagon65mm-65mm-80mm105mm115-KF01
N1 Muffler05-07SAAB 92X Wagon75mm-85mm115mm161-KF01
GT Spec Muffler05-07SAAB 92X Wagon74.7mm-85mm115mm171-KF01
GT Downpipes92-00Impreza GC875mm-80mm145-F001
WS2 Muffler02-07Impreza WRX/ Sti (incl. Wagon)65mm-65mm-80mm105mm115-KF01
PSRevo Muffler02-07Impreza WRX/ Sti (incl. Wagon)75mm-85mm115mm159-KF01
N1 Ex Ti Muffler02-07Impreza WRX/ Sti (incl. Wagon)65mm3-80mm.115mm161SKF01
N1 Muffler02-07Impreza WRX/ Sti (incl. Wagon)75mm-85mm115mm161-KF01
GT Spec Muffler02-07Impreza WRX/ Sti (incl. Wagon)74.7mm-85mm115mm171-KF01
N1 Muffler98-01Imprezza RS 2.560mm115mm162-KF01
WS2 Muffler04-09Legacy B4 2.5 GT70mm-75mm115mm115-KF03
PSRevo Muffler (Dual L/R)04+Legacy B4 2.5 GT70mm-75mm-60mm115mm x 2159-F011
N1 EVO Muffler 04-09Legacy B4 2.5 GT70mm-75mm115mm161AF010
Hybrid Megaphone EVO04-09Legacy B4 2.5GT60mm x 2115mm x 2115AF010
Bomber 304-09Legacy B4 2.5GT70-75-60mm x 2115mm x 2161CF010
RS EVO Muffler08+STI70mm. - 75mm x 2120mm. x 2 113AF015
Hybrid Megaphone EVO08+Sti65-70mm x 2105mm x 2115AF015
Noir Muffler02-07WRX, Sti, (incl. wagon)75mm-85mm115mm103BKF01
Hybrid Megaphone EVO00+Celica GTS60mm105mm116AT037
N1 EVO Muffler 00+Celica GTS60mm90mm162AT037
WS2 Muffler00+Celica GT-S60mm105mm116-KT04
N1 Muffler00+Celica GT-S60mm90mm162-KT04
N1 EVO Muffler 83-87Corolla54-60mm90mm162AT004
Hybrid Megaphone EVO83-87Corolla GTS 54-60mm 105mm116AT003
Bomber 383-87Corolla GTS 54mm.-60mm.90mm.162CT004
Hybrid Megaphone EVO07-08FIT50mm105mm116AH032
Hybrid Megaphone EVO09+FIT50-70mm105mm116AH053
N1 EVO Muffler 07-08FIT50mm90mm162AH032
N1 EVO Muffler 09+FIT50mm90mm162AH053
Bomber 307-08FIT50mm90mm162CH032
Hybrid Megaphone EVO91-95MR265-70mm115mm x 2115AT005
N1 EVO Muffler 91-95MR275-80mm115mm161AT011
Bomber 391-95MR275-80mm115mm161CT011
Hybrid Megaphone EVO00+MR2 Spyder60mm105mm116AT036
WS2 Muffler00+MR2 Spyder60mm105mm116-KT03
N1 EVO Muffler 00+MR2 Spyder60mm90mm162AT033
Bomber 300+MR2 Spyder60mm90mm162CT037
WS2 Muffler05+Scion tC60mm105mm116-KT06
N1 Muffler05+Scion tC60mm115mm162-KT06
WS2 Muffler04-07Scion xB60mm105mm116-KT07
N1 Muffler04+Scion xB60mm90mm162-KT07
RS EVO Muffler93-98Supra85-95mm120mm113AT004
Hybrid Megaphone EVO93-98Supra75-80mm115mm115AT008
N1 Ex Ti Muffler93-98Supra85mm-95mm115mm161SKT01
N1 EVO Muffler 93-98Supra85-95mm115mm161AT004
Bomber 393-98Supra85-95mm115mm161CT004
N1 Muffler93-98Supra85-95mm115mm161-KT01
GT Spec Muffler93-98Supra85-95mm115mm171PT002
Hybrid Megaphone EVO07+Yaris HB50mm105mm116AT079
N1 EVO Muffler 07+Yaris HB50mm90mm162AT079
Bomber 307+Yaris HB50mm90mm162CT079
GT Spec Muffler91-95MR-2 Turbo (Racing use only)75mm-80mm-95mm115mm171-KT02
Super SilencerSilencer for GT Spec and N1 Turbo115mm155-A007
Super SilencerSilencer for Dual N1 & N1 NA (90mm)90mm155-A008
Super SilencerSilencer75mm155-A009
Super SilencerSilencer Removal Tool155-A010
Exhaust Control ValveECV, Flange Type67mm.105-107mm155-A014
Exhaust Control ValveECV, Pipe-Type80mm.155-A019
Exhaust Control ValveECV, Flange-Type51mm90-107mm155-A020
Exhaust Control ValveECV, Pipe-Type95mm.L: 60mm155-A021
Exhaust Control ValveECV, Flange-Type61mm.92-110mm155-A022
Exhaust Control ValveECV, Flange-Type80mm.105-107mm155-A023
Exhaust Control ValveECV, Pipe-Type54mmL: 60mm155-A024
Exhaust Control ValveECV, Cable 2M (Replacement Cable Only)155-C001
Exhaust Control ValveECV, Cable 3.5M (Replacement Cable Only)155-C002
Active Tail SilencerSilencer for GT Spec and N1 Turbo115mm.155-A025
Active Tail SilencerSilencer for N1 NA Canister90mm.155-A026
Silencer AdapterAdpater for Super Silencer and ATS Silencer*Use with P/N 155-A007 & 155-A025120mm. 155-A027
Silencer AdapterAdpater for Super Silencer and ATS Silencer*Use with P/N 155-A008 & 155-A026100mm.155-A028
Titanium Slide FinisherTitanium Slide Tip for N1 Turbo Canister115mm155-A031
Titanium Slide FinisherTitanium Slide Tip for N1 NA Canister90mm155-A032
Universal MufflerN1 Universal Turbo80mm inlet 115mm156-A003
Universal MufflerN1 Universal NA60mm inlet 90mm156-A008
Universal MufflerWS2 Unversal Turbo 80mm Inlet105mm156-A010
Universal MufflerWS2 Universal NA60 mm Inlet105mm156-A011
Universal MufflerWS2 Universal NA (Offset-Right)60 mm Inlet105mm156-A012
Universal MufflerWS2 Universal NA (Offset- Left)60mm Inlet 105mm156-A013
N1 ExTi UniversalUniversal Expert Titanium Universal85mm Inlet85mm156-A014
N1 ExTi UniversalUniversal Expert Titanium Universal60.5mm Inlet60.5mm156-A015
Universal MufflerN1 Universal Turbo 94mm Inlet115mm156-A016
N1 Metal UniversalBlue Turbo80mm Inlet115mm156EA003
N1 Metal UniversalBlue NA60mm Inlet90mm156EA008
N1 Metal UniversalBlack Turbo80mm Inlet115mm156KA003
N1 Metal UniversalBlack NA60mm Inlet90mm156KA008