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Wholesale Dealers

Setup your Wholesale Performance Parts Account Here

To set up a performance parts wholesale account with No Limit Motorsport, please follow these instructions:

Please e-mail or call (631) 363-8659 with your fax number, and we can send you over our dealer information. What we require for your business information would be: Resale License, (seller's permit) Tax I.D., city permit or city license, and any other pertinent information required such as copy of advertisement, business cards, etc. Only businesses with automotive affiliation shall be considered!

All requests submitted without a business license and tax identification are considered incomplete. All information will be kept on file for a minimum of 30 days until order is placed. If no wholesale order is placed within this time span, we shall disregard your information and you WILL have to re-submit your information. All initial wholesale accounts are pre-payment status ONLY. All credit card orders must be shipped to the BILLING ADDRESS on file! For dropships, our credit card authorization form must be filled out complete with all the required information.

Please make sure your fax documents are very clear and legible before faxing. . Make sure you have provided your return phone number, fax number, and the person to contact regarding pricing.

Purchase Orders: All US and Canadian dealers MUST fax a purchase order to us and the person making the order must sign the purchase order at the bottom. If you do not know what a purchase order is then keep reading. A purchase order or P.O. (as you may hear and see) is basically a typed or written request to place an order. It is used so there is no confusion between us and our dealers as to what they want to order. It is by you, the customers writing in black in white. This deters any errors from verbal orders such as over the phone, and if error is made on the order you receive we can reference your P.O. to see which party is at fault. If we are at fault, we will do everything needed to clear the problem up, including any shipping costs. If the dealer is at fault, it is there responsibility to take care of the problem, and any extra shipping charges.

Drop Shipments: We have no problem at all drop shipping orders directly to your customer. This saves money on shipping products twice, faster delivery, and best of all, a happy customer. We do not charge any drop ship fee's, however there are a few forms, and paperwork that needs to be on file before we can start drop shipping.

New International and Canadian Accounts: Please follow same instructions as above. Even if your licenses are in languages other than English, you must still fax or email your documents! We only accept international payments by bank wire transfer or certified check for countries outside of USA and Canada. NO EXCEPTIONS! If your bank charges a $25.00 fee for this transaction, please make sure you include this in the payment. Any Canadian checks or money orders issued from Canadian banks in US funds will be processed, but the product will be held for a mandatory 3-4 weeks before it is shipped. This is the actual time it takes for Canadian checks in US funds to clear our bank. We can provide our bank account details when you are ready to wire funds for your order(s). Please read very carefully or terms & conditions for more information on our policies.