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A´PEXi Gauges

A´PEXi EL Series Meters provide clear and accurate engine monitoring, as well as stylish accents to your cockpit. A´PEXi EL Series Meters utilize Electro Luminescence lighting technology to emit cool-blue illumination from its dial faces. Combined with bold markings and illuminated red needles, A´PEXi gauges are among the easiest to read. A´PEXi Electronic EL Series Meters feature real-time 30-second needle playback, peak-hold, user-specified warning functions, and a warning signal output. A´PEXi EL Series Meters are available in black or white dial faces.

PartPart #Vehicle
E.L. Tachometer403-A052120mm (4.72") Electronic Tachometer Black
E.L. Tachometer403-A050120mm (4.72") Electronic Tachometer White
E.L. Tachometer430-A011120mm (4.72") Shift Light for EL Tach or Rev/ Speed Meter
E.L. Meters403-A04460mm (2.36") Boost Electronic KPA Black
E.L. Meters403-A04560mm (2.36") Boost Electronic KPA White
E.L. Meters403-A04260mm (2.36") Boost Mechanical KPA Black
E.L. Meters403-A04360mm (2.36") Boost Mechanical KPA White
E.L. Meters403-A02760mm (2.36") Boost Mechanical PSI Black
E.L. Meters403-A02860mm (2.36") Boost Mechanical PSI White
E.L. Meters403-A01960mm (2.36") EGT Electronic Black
E.L. Meters403-A04860mm (2.36") Pressure Electronic Black
E.L. Meters403-A04960mm (2.36") Pressure Electronic White
E.L. Meters403-A02160mm (2.36") Temp. Electronic Black
E.L. Meters403-A04760mm (2.36") Temp. Electronic White
E.L. Meters403-A04660mm (2.36")EGT Electronic White
E.L. Meters403-A031EGT Sensor for EL Meter
E.L. Meters403-A008Oil Temp Sensor Adapter (Mazda/Mitsubishi)
E.L. Meters403-A009Oil Temp Sensor Adapter (Subaru/Isuzu)
E.L. Meters403-A032Pressure Sensor for EL Meter
E.L. Meters403-A030Temp Sensor for EL Meter
E.L. System Meters403-A053Meter Control Unit
E.L. System Meters403-A054Boost KPA Black
E.L. System Meters403-A055Boost KPA White
E.L. System Meters403-A056Oil Temp Black
E.L. System Meters403-A057Oil Temp White
E.L. System Meters403-A058Water Temp Black
E.L. System Meters403-A059Water Temp White
E.L. System Meters403-A060Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT) Black
E.L. System Meters403-A061Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT) White
E.L. System Meters403-A062Oil Pressure Black
E.L. System Meters403-A063Oil Pressure White
E.L. System Meters403-A064Fuel Pressure Black
E.L. System Meters403-A065Fuel Pressure White
E.L. System Meters403-A068Mechanical Boost KPA Black (Does not use Control Box)
E.L. System Meters403-A069Mechanical Boost KPA White (Does not use Control Box)