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A´PEXi Intakes

Apexi Intake and Turbo System Parts Descriptions

In a F1, N1, or drag race, victory often boils down to just a few-hundredths of a second when determining who stands in the winner's circle and who goes home defeated. Therefore, small design innovations in your intake system become critical. A´PEXi engineers understand this concept well and spend hundreds of hours researching and developing A´PEXi intake and turbo systems. As a result, these A´PEXi systems can offer that slight edge over the competition.

Part Part # Vehicle
Power Intake508-H003Accord 94-97 (4 cyl.)
Power Intake508-H001Civic 92-95
GT Intercooler534-KH01Civic 92-95 Intercooler Kit (w/AX turbo kit) SOHC
AX Turbine Kit705-H001Civic 92-95 SI/EX SOHC AX Ball-Bearing Turbo kit
Power Intake508-H005Civic 96-99 Coupe EX / Si
Power Intake508-H005CRV 97-00
AX Turbine KitI-ST005Fuel System for 705-H001 Turbo Kit (not sold seperately)
Power Intake508-H004Integra 94-99 including Type-R
Power Intake508-H002Prelude 92-96
Power Intake508-Z001Miata 90-93
Power Intake508-Z002Miata 94-97
Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve551-Z002RX-7 86-91
Power Intake507-Z002RX-7 89-91
Power Intake507-Z001RX-7 93-95
Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve551-Z001RX-7 93-95
GT Intercooler534-ZT01RX-7 93-95 Front Mount I/C Kit (for RX-6 Single Turbo Kit)
GT Intercooler534-Z001RX-7 93-95 Front Mount I/C Kit (includes Dual Power Intake)
RX-6"Isamu" Turbo Kits702-Z710RX-7 93-95 RX-6"Isamu" Single Turbo Kit
Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve551-M0053000GT 91-95 (5 Speed only)
Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve551-KM01Eclipse GSX/GST 95-98
Power Intake507-M001Eclipse GSX/GST 95-99
GT Intercooler532-KM02Eclipse Turbo 95-99 I/C Kit (With Hoses)
GT Intercooler532-KM03Eclipse Turbo 95-99 Upper Piping (With Hoses)
Power Intake507-T007240 SX 95-98
Power Intake507-N009300ZX 90-96
Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve551-N007300ZX 90-96
Power Intake507-T007MR-2 91-95
Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve551-T014MR-2 91-95
Power Intake507-T001Supra 86-92
Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve551-T001Supra 93-98
GT Intercooler531-T002Supra 93-98 I/C Kit (Lower Piping Only)
GT Intercooler531-C891120 Degree 60mm Elbow
GT Intercooler531-C890135 Degree 60mm Elbow
GT Intercooler531-C87045 Degree 60mm Elbow
GT Intercooler531-C88090 Degree 60mm Elbow
GT Intercooler531-C91090 Degree 70mm Elbow
GT Intercooler531-C94090 Degree 80mm Elbow
GT Intercooler599-A001Cap Plug
GT Intercooler531-A020GTR I/C Core 2 (24"L X 10.8"H X 3"W)
IHI Ball-Bearing RX6 Turbocharger716-xxxxIHI RX-6 BB Turbocharger Assembly
Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve721-A001Racing Blow Off Valve
Racing Wastegate720-A001Racing Wastegate
GT Intercooler9920-0280Rubber Transition 65-70mm
GT Intercooler9920-0450Rubber Transition 70-90mm
GT Intercooler531-A030Silvia I/C Core 3 (19.7"L X 9.33"H X 2.7"W)
GT Intercooler531-B010Tank 1 (Core 2)
GT Intercooler531-B150Tank 15 (New version for C2 Core)
GT Intercooler531-B020Tank 2 (Core 2)
GT Intercooler531-B040Tank 3 (Core 3)
GT Intercooler531-B030Tank 4 (Core 3)
GT Intercooler531-B070Tank 6 (Core 3)
GT Intercooler531-B060Tank 7 (Core 3)
GT Intercooler531-B050Tank 8 (Core 3)
Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve550-A001Universal Blow Off Valve
Power Intake500-A021Universal Replacement Filter (Filter Only) 80mm