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Brembo Brakes

Brembo Gran Turismo Big Brake Systems: Honda

ModelYearCaliperDisc Size and TypePart NumberNote
Accord V6 Front199820024B,R,S328x28 2-Piece1A1.6015A1A2.6015A
Accord Front200320074B,R,S328x28 2-Piece1A1.6017A1A2.6017A
Civic EX Coupe Front, w/ Rear Disc and ABS199319954B,R,S328x28 2-Piece111.6005A112.6005A
Civic EX Sedan Front19921995
Civic LX Sedan Front, w/ Rear Disc19941995
Del Sol Si Front w/ ABS19951995
Del Sol VTEC Front19931997
Civic EX Coupe/Sedan Front199620004B,R,S328x28 2-Piece111.6017A112.6017A
Civic Si Coupe Front19992000
Civic LX Sedan Front, w/ Auto and ABS19962000
Civic EX Front200120054B,R,S315x28 1-Piece1A4.5001A1A5.5001A
Civic EX Front200120054B,R,S328x28 2-Piece111.6008A112.6008A
Civic Si Hatchback Front200220034B,R,S315x28 1-Piece1A4.5001A1A5.5001A
Civic Si Hatchback Front200220034B,R,S328x28 2-Piece111.6008A112.6008A
Civic Si Hatchback Front200420054B,R,S328x28 2-Piece1A1.6022A1A2.6022A
Civic Si Front2006>4B,R,S328x28 2-Piece1A1.6022A1A2.6022A
S2000 Front1999>4B,R,S328x28 2-Piece1A1.6016A1A2.6016A
Note Legend
  1. Requires modification to the OEM steering knuckle
  2. Requires modification to the OEM steering knuckle and use of included custom hubs
  3. 1995 E36 M3 models require minor modification to the lower control arm outboard of the ball joint
  4. This system consists only of 2-piece disc assemblies which directly replace the OEM discs
  5. Requires significant modification to the OEM knuckle
  6. Not for road use. This system eliminates the parking brake function if not used in conjunction with parking brake kit
  7. Not for road use. This system eliminates the parking/emergency brake function
  8. This system is to be used ONLY with OEM rear brakes, not to be used with the rear upgrade kit
  9. Special order only
  10. This system does not include brake lines, the OEM brake lines are retained
  11. This system can be fitted to CCM-equipped models, however the hand-brake calipers will not fit properly. The hand-brake calipers from a standard brake model can be obtained and used.
  12. This system includes oversized 2-piece disc assemblies, brackets, and hardware to be used with the original Brembo 8-piston calipers.
  13. For use only with 405mm M6 front brake system
General Notes

Many of the GT systems require modification to, or removal of the OEM dust shield or backing plate.

Brembo Caliper Clearance Guide