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Brian Crower

Brian Crower

Brian Crower Toyota 2AZFE Cams

Scion/Toyota 2AZFE

Scion tC is a compact car introduced by Japanese automaker Toyota in 2004 as a concept car under its recently introduced Scion brand name. The Scion tC was designed to appeal to the Generation Y market. They hoped to do so by making standard features numerous and optional features extremely easy to add. The Scion tC is generally considered Toyota's successor to the Celica whose production ended with the 2006 model year (2005 in the United States). The Scion tC uses the chassis of the Avensis which is sold in the European market, and the Camry's 2.4 L 2AZFE I4 engine with VVTi technology. Its low price (base MSRP of US$17,000 for the 2008 model) is a major feature, as well as the pure pricing marketing style that Toyota has adopted. According to Scion, tC stands for "Touring Coupe." The 2AZFE is also the engine platform of the 2nd generation xB release in 2007.

StageDescriptionCam #Adv. Dur.Dur @ .050Lift (in)Lift (mm)Kit #
Brian Crower Stage 2 Camshaft KitNormally Aspirated Specification Plug and play profile designed for street use, minimum modifications required, use with OEM valve springs.BC0341264/256218/214.385"/.363"9.78/9.22BC0340
Brian Crower Stage 2 Camshaft KitForced Induction Specification Designed for turbo and supercharger use, features short duration and high lift. Requires spring/retainer kit BC0340.BC0341T272/272222/222.401"/.401"10.19/10.19BC0340
Brian Crower Stage 3 Camshaft KitNormally Aspirated Specification Intended for fully built applications and race use. Requires extensive modifications and tuning. Requires spring/retainer kit BC0340.BC0342280/272229/222.415"/.401"10.54/10.19BC0340
2AZFE (Scion TC)Stock248/240212/200.385"/.355"


Designed for high rpm, BC valve springs are wound from only the highest grade, super clean, chrome silicone alloy and feature proprietary processing procedures for consistent pressures. BC titanium retainers are CNC machined from 6AL4V round bar titanium to exacting tolerances. Use steel retainer for high mileage applications.

Kit #Spring #Retainer #Seat #Description
BC0340BC1600BC2340BC2930Single Spring, titanium ret, seat kit

Spring Pressure:
BC1600 Seat: 1.300" @ 82 lbs / Open: 0.900" @ 188 lbs / Coil Bind: 0.810" (no machine work req)

Brian Crower Toyota 2AZFE VALVES

BC valves are made from premium stainless steel, fully machined and swirl polished for ultimate air flow. Dished head for added weight savings and increased valve control at high rpm. Standard and oversize head.

Part #Description #
BC334034.15mm Intake (standard head diameter)
BC334129.15mm Exhaust (standard head diameter)
BC3342BC3342 - 34.65mm Intake (+.5mm head diameter)
BC3343BC3343 - 29.65mm Exhaust (+.5mm head diameter)
BC334435.15mm Intake (+1mm head diameter)
BC334530.15mm Exhaust (+1mm head diameter )

Brian Crower Scion/Toyota 2AZFE 2.61L Stroker Kit

Scion/Toyota 2AZFE 2.61L Stroker Kit

  • BC 4340 billet steel crankshaft (102mm stroke)
  • BC 4340 bROD (ARP2000) or Pro Series (ARP625+) billet rods
  • Choice CP or JE forged pistons (any bore and compression ratio)
  • 5100 carbon steel alloy wrist pins. 9310 pin upgrade available.
  • Ductile iron plasma top rings, tapered second ring, low tension oil rings ACL Race Series bearings sold separately.
  • Fully system balanced and ready to install.
Kit #Crank #Rod #Piston #Desc.
BC0348BC5349BC6348BC7349102mm stroke, BC625+ rod
BC0349BC5349BC6349BC7349102mm stroke, bROD rod

The BC stroker kit for the Scion/Toyota 2AZFE engine incorporates a 102mm stroke, steel billet crankshaft. Depending on bore size that you decide, the BC kit will take you up to a 2.61L with a safe 90mm bore (Darton sleeved block). The 2AZFE kit utilizes premium steel billet connecting rods. As usual, each BC kit features custom CP or JE pistons, wrist pins, full ring pack and buttons. Big time horsepower and torque gains.

Stock Specifications:
2AZFE 88.5mm Bore x 96mm Stroke - 9.094" Block Height