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Cosworth Performance Racing Parts

Cosworth Performance Crankshafts

Cosworth Crank

Increased engine performance often means increased engine speed and load. Original factory crankshafts may not be able to withstand the added stress, resulting in catastrophic failure. Cosworth billet crankshafts are machined from ultra strong EN40B steel, are engineered to endure the harshest conditions and have been tested to withstand over 1,000HP.

Cosworth Racing Crankshafts Feature:
  • Superior lubrication
  • Profiled counterweights
  • High strength
  • Light weight

Cosworth Crankshafts
20004138Mitsubishi EVO 4G63 (2.2L conversion) 94mm stoke- Fully counter weighted-Billet Steel
20006577Mitsubishi EVO 4B11T (2.2L conversion) 94mm stoke- Fully counter weighted-Billet Steel
20002315Subaru WRX STi EJ25 (2.5L) 79mm stroke- Light weight version Billet Steel
20002316Subaru WRX STi EJ25 (2.5L) 81mm stroke- Light weight version Billet Steel

Cosworth Performance Stroker Kits

Cosworth Stroker

Cosworth stroker kits are the perfect way to add displacement, torque and power to your engine. Each kit includes select matched components from Cosworth's parts list ensuring reliable performance.

Cosworth Racing Stroker Kits Feature:
  • Cosworth Forged Pistons
  • Cosworth Fully Counterweighted Billet Crankshaft
  • Forged Cosworth Connecting Rods
  • Cosworth Rod and Main Bearings
  • Cosworth Piston Rings

Stroker Kits
KK3831Mitsubishi Evo 4G63 (2.2L) w 94mm Billet Crankshaft
20007783Mitsubishi Evo 4B11 (2.2L) w 94mm Billet Crankshaft
20002500Subaru EJ25 (2.6L) w 81mm Billet Crankshaft
20002501Subaru EJ20 (2.2L) w 79mm Forged Crankshaft
20002502Subaru EJ20 (2.2L) w 79mm Billet Crankshaft