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Cosworth Performance Racing Parts

Cosworth Performance Racing Valvetrain Parts

Cosworth High RPM Valve Springs are the result of countless hours of engineering, testing and validation ensuring the best possible spring for high performance applications. Cosworth High RPM Valve Springs are wound from the world’s finest Japanese Kobe steel and feature dual chamfered ends to reduce wear on seats and retainers. Each spring has been engineered with increased seat pressure along with higher lift capability for optimum performance potential and improved valve control. Single spring design allows easy installation with no machining required and is perfect for typical high performance use.

Cosworth valve springs

Cosworth Performance Valve Springs Feature:
  • Manufactured from the finest Japanese Kobe Steel
  • Single spring design for easy installation
  • Dual chamfered ends
  • Increased performance

Cosworth High Performance Large Valves:

Large diameter valves are essential for improved air flow. Cosworth high performance intake valves are produced from high quality stainless steel for maximum durability. Exhaust valves are machined from Inconel for high temperature (2400 F) reliability. Each valve features swirl polished back for improved air flow and dished face for additional weight reduction. Cosworth high performance valves are compatible with Cosworth Ultra Race Valve Spring kits.

High Performance Valve Train
KK3839Subaru EJ25 STi (2.5L) Ultra-High RPM Dual Valve Spring / Titanium Retainer set
20000166High RPM Single Valve Spring set (16)Subaru WRX STi EJ25 (2.5L) EJ20 (2.0L)
SB0034Valve, Inlet +1.0mm Subaru EJ25-Stainless Steel (37.0mm)
SB0033Valve, EX +1.0mm Subaru EJ25-Inconel (33.0mm)
PR7710Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.50
PR7711Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.52
PR7712Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.54
PR7713Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.56
PR7714Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.58
PR7715Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.60
PR7716Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.62
PR7717Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.64
PR7718Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.66
PR7719Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.68
PR7720Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.70
PR7721Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.72
PR7722Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.74
PR7723Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.76
PR7724Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.78
PR7725Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.80
PR7726Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.82
PR7727Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.84
PR7728Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.86
PR7729Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.88
PR7730Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.90
PR7731Subaru EJ25 (2.5L)Graded Cam bucket 4.91
20002550Nissan VQ35 (3.5L) Ultra-High RPM Dual Valve Spring / Titanium Retainer set
20000163High RPM Single Valve Spring set (24)Nissan VQ35 (3.5L)
20000168High RPM Single Valve Spring set (16) Nissan SR20DET (2.0L)
20000169High RPM Single Valve Spring set (24) Nissan RB26 (2.6L)
PR7602Valve, Inlet +1.0mm Nissan VQ35-Stainless Steel (38.15mm)
PR7603Valve, Ex +1.0mm Nissan VQ35-Inconel (32.35mm)
KK3813Mitsubishi Evo 4G63 (2.0L) Ultra-High RPM Dual Valve Spring / Titanium Retainer set
20000164High RPM Single Valve Spring set (16)Mitsubishi Evo 4G63
20007182Mitsubishi Evo 4B11T Ultra-High RPM Dual Valve Spring / Titanium Retainer set
20004845High RPM Single Valve Spring set (16) Mitsubishi Evo X 4B11T
PR7500Valve, Inlet +1.0mm Mitsubishi 4G63 Stainless Steel (35.0mm)
PR7501Valve, Ex +1.0mm Mitsubishi 4G63-Inconel (31.5mm)
20000167High RPM Single Valve Spring set (16)BMW MINI Cooper/Cooper S (1.6L)
PR7612Valve, Inlet +1.25mm BMW MINI-Stainless Steel (31.5mm)
PR7613Valve, Ex +1.25mm BMW MINI- Inconel (24.5mm)