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Eibach Springs

Eibach Springs: Honda

ModelYearsPRO-KIT (Set of 4 Springs)SPORTLINE Kit (Set of 4 Springs)
Part #Front DropRear DropPart #Front DropRear Drop
Accord 2 & 4-door 2.4L I42008-20114077.1401.2 in1.0 in4.77401.5 in1.4 in
Accord 2 & 4-door 3.0L V6 (Exc. Hybrid)2003-20054044.1401.3 in1.2 in4.44401.9 in1.4 in
Accord 2 & 4-door 4 Cyl. (Incl. EX, DX & LX)1998-20024040.1401.5 in1.5 in4.40402.0 in2.0 in
Accord 2 & 4-door 4 Cyl. (Incl. Wagon)1990-19974011.1401.2 in1.2 in4.11401.8 in1.7 in
Accord 2 & 4-door 6 Cyl. (Incl. EX, DX & LX)1998-20024041.1401.5 in1.5 in
Accord 2-door 3.5L V62008-20114076.1401.2 in1.0 in
Accord 4-door 3.5L V6 (Exc. Hybrid)2008-20114082.1401.4 in1.4 in
Accord Coupe & Sedan 2.4L I42003-20074045.1401.4 in1.2 in4.45401.9 in1.4 in
Civic / CRX (Exc. Wagon)1988-19914007.1401.2 in1.0 in
Civic 2 & 4-door1992-19954017.1401.4 in1.2 in4.17401.6 in1.6 in
Civic 2 & 4-door (Incl. EX, DX, HX, & LX Models)2001-20024051.1401.0 in1.0 in4.51401.4 in1.4 in
Civic 2 & 4-door (Incl. EX, DX, HX, & LX Models)2003-20054051.1401.0 in1.0 in4.51401.4 in1.4 in
Civic 2 & 4-door (Incl. EX, DX, HX, LX, & Hatchback Models)1996-20004018.1401.5 in1.3 in4.17401.8 in1.8 in
Civic 2 & 4-door 1.8L 4 Cyl.2012-20124.8740TBATBA
Civic 4 Cyl.2012-20124087.140TBATBA
Civic 4 Cyl. (Exc. Hybrid)2006-20104.31401.4 in1.4 in
Civic 4 Cyl. (Inc. Hybrid)2006-20114031.1401.0 in1.2 in
Civic Si1999-20004018.1401.5 in1.1 in4.17401.6 in1.6 in
Civic Si2002-20054056.1401.0 in1.1 in4.56401.4 in1.5 in
Civic Si 2.4L 4 Cyl.2012-20124088.140TBATBA4.8840TBATBA
Civic Si Coupe 2.0L 4Cyl.2006-20114031.1401.0 in1.2 in4.31401.4 in1.4 in
Civic Si Sedan 2.0L 4Cyl.2007-20114031.1401.2 in1.0 in4.31401.4 in1.4 in
CR-Z2011-20114085.1401.0 in1.0 in
Del Sol1993-19974017.1401.2 in1.2 in4.17401.8 in1.8 in
FIT 1.5L 4CYL (Incl. Sport Model)2009-20114081.1401.2 in1.4 in4.81401.8 in2.0 in
FIT 1.5L 4CYL (Incl. Sport Model; Exc. Jazz)2007-20084.69402.0 in1.8 in
Insight2010-20114083.1401.0 in1.0 in
Prelude (Exc. SH Option)1997-20014035.1401.3 in1.3 in
S20002000-20094043.1401.0 in1.0 in