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Fidanza Aluminum Flywheels

Fidanza Flywheel Application Guide: Eagle

ModelYearEngineNotesAluminum FlywheelWeightMulti-Disc Aluminum FlywheelWeightBillet Steel FlywheelReplaceable Friction Plate
Talon89-922.0L T6 Bolt FWD16165181616577261651229001
Talon89-922.0L T6 Bolt AWD16169181616977261691229001
Talon92-982.0L T7 Bolt FWD16178181617877261781229001
Talon92-982.0L T7 Bolt AWD16173181617377261731229001
Talon95-982.0L NTMust use 95 style clutch [3]1942018194205/1942076.5228751
  • 1 - Replacement of dual mass flywheel may cause added gear noise.
  • 2 - Designed for aftermarket stacked style clutch. Check for fitment.
  • 3 - 1996 and up must use 1995 clutch and flywheel mounting bolts (not included).
  • 4 - Call for complete application list.
  • 7 - Must use original Mazda part #N351-11-521 (not included).
  • 9 - For 383 or 400 C.I.D. engine must use part# 624001 balance plate for 454 C.I.D. engine must use part# 624541 balance plate.


All applications are listed using the very best sources available. The end user must verify fitment before installation.