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GReddy Exhaust

GReddy EVO2 Stainless Steel Exhaust

GReddy EVO Exhaust

The full stainless steel EVO2, is GReddy’s most popular cat-back exhaust style. Designed specifically for USA spec vehicles with real JDM quality, styling and performance, the full stainless steel EVO2’s tuned straight-though design offers an incomparable combination of power and sound. With applications for both turbocharged and normally aspirated vehicles, GReddy designers carefully selected piping routing and diameters to link the offset muffler section. When installed on the vehicle, it provides the look of a small race muffler, while still providing excellent sound suppression for daily commutes and deep throaty tone under full accelerations and competition use.

Make/ItemVehicle/EngineYearDsc./SizeSpl. NotesPart#
SUBIMPREZA 2.5RS1998-0110166601
SUBIMPREZA WRX2002-0680mmalso fits wagon/remove dif. protector10166603
SUBIMPREZA STI2003-0680mm10166604
SUBLEGACY GT (sedan)2005-ONdual muffler10166620
ACUINTEGRA LS/RS1994-012 door10156670
ACUINTEGRA GS-R1994-992 door10156671
ACUINTEGRA GS-R2000-012 door10156673
ACURSX base2002-0410156674
ACUTSX2003-08dual muffler10156740
ACUTL2004-07dual muffler10156708
HONCIVIC EX1992-002/4 door10156650
HONCIVIC SI1999-002 door10156650
HONCIVIC DX1992-952/4 door10156650
HONDEL SOL1992-96VTEC10156720
HONCIVIC EX2001-052door10156651
HONCIVIC SI(HB)2002-05small evo can10156653
HONCIVIC SI (coupe)2006-ON10156655
HONPRELUDE1997-01SH or base10156680
HONACCORD EX1994-954cyl 2/4 door10156704
HONACCORD EX1996-974cyl 2/4 door10156704
HONACCORD EX1998-024cyl 2 door10156702
HONACCORD V6 (2nd opt)1998-02use W/1015670110156703
HONACCORD V62003-072 door dual muffler10156705
HONACCORD EX2003-074cyl 2 door10156707
HONACCORD V62008-dual mufflers10156709
HONFit2006-08Rear section only10156686