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GReddy Exhaust

GReddy Spectrum Elite - SE Stainless Steel Exhaust

GReddy Spectrum Elite - SE Exhaust

Today’s sophisticated tuners want it all, and GReddy’s SE exhaust systems deliver the full spectrum of features desired in a street performance system. SE exhausts increase flow via tuned piping and larger, free-flowing mufflers for improved power, but provide discreet sound levels that won’t attract the wrong kind of attention. The exhaust note is comfortable and sporty, not loud. Each application is tested and tuned for USA spec. vehicles, so fitment and sound is confirmed. All SE Exhaust are test to be well below the 95dBA standard. GReddy's new smaller Spectrum exhaust tip(s) help disguise the system from the rear of the vehicle, but reveal show-quality appearance from the side and underneath. Whether you are cruising down the road or at wide-open throttle down the track, the Spectrum Elite is ready. Refined sound. Hard-hitting power. Superb looks. Excellent fitment. GReddy quality. - A true Sports Exhaust.

Make/ItemVehicle/EngineYearDsc./SizeSpl. NotesPart#
ACURSX Type-S2002-0660mm piping, 102mm tip10157952
ACURSX2002-0660mm piping, 102mm tip10157958
ACUINTEGRA GSR1994-9960mm piping, 102mm tip2dr.10157954
ACUINTEGRA GSR1994-9960mm piping, 102mm tip4dr10157957
ACUINTEGRA LS/RS1994-0160mm piping, 102mm tip2dr.10157953
ACUINTEGRA LS/RS1994-0160mm piping, 102mm tip4dr.10157956
HONFIT2009-50mm axle-back, 102mm tip10157966
HONFIT2006-0850mm axle-back, 102mm tip10157965
HONCIVIC SI2006-0960mm piping, 102mm tip2dr.(optional adapter for 4drs sold separately)10157951
HONCIVIC SI2006-094dr. adapter only.  must be used with p/n 10157951converts coupe se exhaust to work on the sedan11050104
HONCIVIC SI2002-0560mm piping, 102mm tipHB10157961
HONCIVIC LX2001-0560mm piping, 102mm tip10157960
HONCIVIC EX/Si1992-0060mm piping, 102mm tip2/4 dr.10157950
HONCIVIC Si/DX1992-9560mm piping, 102mm tipHB10157959
HONACCORD EX cpe.2008-0960mm piping, dual mufflers, 102mm tipV610157964
HONACCORD EX cpe2008-0960mm piping, 102mm tip4 cylinder10157962
HONS20002000-0870mm to dual 60mm piping, dual mufflers, 102mm tip10157963
HONPRELUDE1997-0160mm piping, 102mm tipSH/base10157955
NISMAXIMA2004-0760mm piping, dual mufflers, 102mm tips10127955
NISMAXIMA SE1997-9960mm piping, 102mm tip10127954
NISMAXIMA SE1995-9660mm piping, 102mm tip10127953
NISALTIMA COUPE2007-0860mm, sideways muffler, 2x 102mm tipscoupe10127959
NISSENTRA SER2002-0660mm piping, 102mm tip10127952
NISSENTRA SER2007-0960mm piping, 102mm tip10127958
INFG372008-0970mm, sideways muffler, 2x 102mm tipscoupe10127961
INFG352007-0860mm piping, dual mufflers, 115mm tipssedan10127960
INFG352003-0660mm, sideways muffler, 2x 102mm tipscoupe10127956
NIS300ZX1990-9560mm, dual mufflers, 102mm tipscoupe10127957
NIS300ZX 2+21990-9560mm, dual mufflers, 102mm tips2+210127951
NIS350Z2003-0860mm, sideways muffler, 2x 102mm tips10127950
NIS370Z2009-10full dual 60mm, 1x sideways muffler, 2x 115mm tips10127962
MAZRX82004-0860mm, 2x sideways mufflers 102mm tip10147950
MITECLIPSE GT60mm piping, 102mm tipV610137950
MITLANCER GTS2008-0960mm piping, 102mm tipGTS10137952
MITEVOLUTION X2008-70mm, sideways muffler, 2x 115mm tips(not for RallyArt)10137951
SCIXB2003-0750mm piping, 102mm tip10117953
SCIXB2008-09muffler delete piping and SE tip10117954
SCIXD2008-0950mm piping, 102mm tip10117955
LEXIS3002001-0560mm, single, 102mm tip10117951
LEXIS350/IS2502006-0960mm, dual mufflers, 102mm tips10117952
SUBSTi2005-0780mm piping, 115mm tip10167951
SUBWRX2002-0780mm piping, 102mm tip10167950
SUBWRX2008-0970mm, sideways muffler, 115mm tipWagon only10167953
SUBSTI2008-0970mm, sideways muffler, 4x 102mm tips10167952
HYNGENESIS COUPE2010-60mm axle-back, sideways muffler, 4x 102mm tipsV6 & 2.0T10118950