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GReddy Exhaust

GReddy Ti-C Stainless Steel Exhaust

GReddy Ti-C Exhaust

GReddy Racing Ti-C Cat-back Exhausts combine the design, looks and flow of our Full Racing Titanium systems with the durability, deep sound, value and large application list of our other Stainless Steel street systems. This fusion of aggressive styling and practical construction, makes this the logical choice for both Race and Street Enthusiasts. The GReddy Ti-C exhaust systems are comprised of a Titanium heat-treated tip, polished stainless steel muffler, unpolished stainless steel piping. It improves high and mid-range performance while still allowing for suitable sound levels when used with the included tuned Tri-mounted Silencer*. *Most applications below 92db, with all under 94db. The large list of applications include 80mm piping for Turbo applications and 50-60-70mm for Normally Aspirated vehicles. (usually 60mm)

To compliment the GReddy Turbo Kit line, we also offer the Turbo Ti-C line. Turbo Ti-C cat-back exhaust systems feature larger piping diameters for more flow then the standard normally aspirated Racing Ti-C applications. (usually 70 or 80mm)

And for full on competition use only, we now offer the "turbo-back" Comp Ti-C series. These are full race turbo applications which include a large racing dowpipe to replace the factory catalytic converters at the race track. The Comp Ti-C is for off-road use only. (usually 80mm)

Make/ItemVehicle/EngineYearDsc./SizeSpl. NotesPart#
TOYCorolla GTS1985-87USA spec bumper10117905
TOYCELICA2000-05rear section only cat-backfits GTS and GT10117901
TOYYARIS2006-ON50mm, rear section only cat-backHB10117902
SCITC2004-10rear section only cat-back10117903
SCIXB2003-0750mm, rear section only cat-back10117904
INFG372008-dual mufflers10127907
INFG35 coupe (turbo)2003-07full dual 70mm, dual mufflersTurbo Ti-C10127908
NIS370Z (turbo)2009-10full dual 70mm, dual mufflersTurbo Ti-C10127911
NIS350Z2003-0870mm, single mufflerexits left side (*not compatible with GT Aero)10127902
NIS350Z (turbo)2003-08full dual 70mm, dual mufflersTurbo Ti-C (*not compatible with GT Aero)10127906
NIS300ZX1990-95dual mufflersN/A & Turbo coupes10127901
NISALTIMA Coupe2008-dual mufflers2.5 & 3.5 w/ included adapter.10127909
NISSENTRA SE-R2007-rear muffler cat-back onlyfits Spec. V and std. SE-R10127905
NISSENTRA SE-R SPEC V2002-0610127900
MITEVOLUTION X2008-80mm, single mufflerexits right side10137906
MITEVOLUTION X2008-80mm turbo-back, w/80mm downpipeComp Ti-C (off-road)10138001
MITEVOLUTION2003-0780mm turbo-back, w/80mm downpipe & O2 extensionComp Ti-C (off-road)10138000
MITLANCER2008-rear section only cat-back10137903
MITECLIPSE GT V62002-0510137902
MITECLIPSE GST1995-9980mmroutes under rear susp. arm10137904
MITECLIPSE GS1995-9910137905
ACURSX TYPE-S2002-0510157900
ACURSX Type S (turbo)2002-0570mmTurbo Ti-C10157914
ACURSX2002-04base model10157901
ACUINTEGRA LS/RS1994-0110157902
ACUINTEGRA GSR1994-9910157903
HONACCORD V62008-single muffler2dr.10157916
HONCIVIC EX2008-4dr.10157917
HONCIVIC SI2006-ONfor coupe only10157908
HONCIVIC SI2002-0510157904
HONCIVIC SI1999-0010157905
HONCIVIC EX/LX2006-ONfor coupe only10157907
HONCIVIC EX2001-0510157906
HONS20002000-03dual mufflers04-08 AP2 models req AP1 rubber hangers10157910
HONS2000 (turbo)2000-0870mm single mufflerTurbo Ti-C, exits right side10157913
HONFIT2009-50mm, rear section only10157919
HONFIT2006-0850mm, rear section10157911
SUBSTI2008-80mm, single mufflerexits right side10167901
SUBWRX/STI2002-0680mmSTi up to 0510167900
SUBWRX/STI2002-0780mm turbo-back, w/80mm V.1 downpipeComp Ti-C (off-road)10168000
MAZMAZDASPEED 32006-80mm10147903
MAZMiATA2006-onrear section only10147902
HYNGENESIS CPE V62010-dual mufflers10107901
HYNGENESIS CPE 2.0T2010-70-80mm single mufflerexits right side10107900