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Ground Control Coilovers

Ground Control Coilovers: Eagle

Make/ModelYearShockNotesDropPart #
Talon89-941D0 to 2.55515.01
Talon89-944D0 to 2.55515.02
Talon89-948,10D0 to 2.55515.03
Talon AWD/FWD95-1J0 to 35520.01
Talon AWD/FWD95-2,30 to 25520.02
Talon AWD/FWD95-40 to 35520.03
Talon AWD95-7,8,100 to 35520.04
Talon FWD95-8,100 to 2.55520.05

Ground Control Coilovers are made to fit with stock and aftermarket struts. Please use this list to choose the appropriate applications.

  1. Stock, Sachs, Boge
  2. Tokico Premium Performance
  3. Tokico Illumina
  4. Koni
  5. Bilstein
  6. Neuspeed Bilstein
  7. KYB
  8. KYB AGX
  9. GAB R
  10. GAB HP
  1. Some shocks/struts require grinding/machining to fit coil-over hardware .
  2. Removal of stock spring seat and welding required.
  3. Removal of stock spring seat and welding optional for added tire clearance and range of adjustment.
  4. Trimming of stock spring seat allows added range of adjustment.
  5. Removal of stock spring seat required.
  6. Includes new upper mounts and must be used with machined aftermarket struts specified.
  7. Includes new upper mounts.
  8. Must be used with specified shocks supplied by Ground Control (discounts do not apply to shocks).
  9. -
  10. Will not fit models w/ 6 bump stock front shocks.