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HKS Automotive Performance Products

HKS Inner Muffler Silencer

Available for 120mm, 115mm and 96mm diameter tip muffler applications, these stainless steel - removable inner silencers insert into the tip section of the muffler to offer an average of 7dB reduction in exhaust noise for most applications.

ApplicationSpec.Tip Dia. (mm)Part No.
ALLSUS304 - Black1203306-RA074
ALLSUS304 - Black1153306-RA076
Does Not Fit on Carbon-Ti MufflersSUS304963306-RA072
Does Not Fit on Carbon-Ti Mufflers - Except 3112-EX006SUS3041203306-RA071
For Racing Muffler - Does Not Fit on Carbon-Ti MufflersSUS3041153306-RA075