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Koni Shocks and Struts

Koni Sport Shocks and Struts: Ford

1998-2001Contour, Contour SVT8710-1368 Sport8710-1294 Sport
1995-1997Contour8710-1293 Sport8710-1294 Sport
1999-2005Focus HB / Sedan, SVT (Exc. Wagon) Left8741-1400L Sport8040-1286 Sport
1999-2005Focus HB / Sedan, SVT (Exc. Wagon) Right8741-1400R Sport
1999-2005Focus Wagon Left8741-1400L Sport8040-1268
1999-2005Focus Wagon Right8741-1400R Sport
2000-2004Mustang, Cobra w/ IRS rear susp.8741-1401 Sport8041-1270 Sport
2000-2004Mustang, Cobra w/ IRS rear susp. (Double Adj. Alternative)8742-1122 SportNot Available
1994-2004Mustang , All models (Exc. IRS rear susp.) Ext. Rebound Adj. Sport Alternative8741-1401 Sport8041-1186 Sport
1994-2004Mustang, All mdls (Exc. IRS rear susp.) -Double Adjustment Sport Alternative8742-1122 Sport8042-1134 Sport
1987-1993Mustang 8-Cyl (All Models, exc. Cobra R) -Koni Sport Alternative8741-1121 Sport8040-1026 Sport
6/1992-1995Taurus, SHO (Exc. Wagon)8641-1287 Sport8641-1323 Sport
1986-5/1992Taurus, SHO (Exc. Wagon)8641-1287 Sport
1986-1993Taurus, Wagon8641-1287 SportNot Available
1989-1997Thunderbird (Disarms Elect. Susp.)8641-1209 Sport8041-1202 Sport

*** Koni Shocks are sold individually, so please order 2 Fronts and 2 Rears for a complete set ***

Note: Some vehicles have Right and Left Front Shocks, others don't. Applications are listed. The part number will be followed by a L or R, in this case, please order 1 of each, along with 2 rears for a full set.