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Koni Shocks and Struts

Koni Sport Shocks and Struts: VW

1998-2004Beetle8710-1337 Sport80-2761 Sport
1992-1995Corrado V68741-1259 Sport8041-1108 Sport
1990-1992Corrado G608641-1198 Sport8041-1108 Sport
1981Dasher8610-1262 Sport
1999-2005Golf IV / Jetta IV8710-1337 Sport80-2761 Sport
1993-1998Golf III, Jetta III, 4cyl.8741-1258 Sport8041-1102 Sport
1993-1998Golf III, Jetta III VR68741-1259 Sport8041-1102 Sport
1985-1990Golf, Jetta, Models w/ non-sealed struts (Exc. Cabrio & Synchro)8641-1085 Sport8041-1102 Sport
1990-1992Golf II, Jetta II, Models w/ sealed struts8741-1204 Sport8041-1102 Sport
1998-2005Passat FWD82-2488 Sport8040-1227 Sport
1998-2005Passat AWD 4motion82-2488 Sport82-2465 Sport
1990-1997Passat Sedan & Wgn (exc. VR6 & Synchro) For models w/ sealed struts or non-sealed struts w/ dent in housing8741-1289 Sport80-2615 Sport
1993-1997Passat VR6 Sedan & Wagon (Exc. air susp.) (threaded kit) VR6 Passat Note:* vehicle will be lowered 19mm front and rear.8741-1289 Sport80-2615 Sport
1982-1985Quantum (Exc. synchro)8610-1262 Sport
1975-1984Rabbit, Jetta, Scirocco, All mdls (Exc. pickup)8641-1048 Sport8041-1101 Sport
1979-1983Rabbit Conv., Cabriolet8641-1048 Sport8041-1101 Sport
2005Golf V, Jetta V Excluding GTI 8710-1431Sport80-2859 Sport
2004R328710-1377Sport80-2818 Sport
1995-200295-02 Golf III Cabrio 8741-1258 Sport8041-1102 Sport
1979-199379-93 Cabriolet, All Mdls 8641-1048 Sport8041-1101 Sport
1980-198480-84 Jetta, GT, All Mdls 8641-1048 Sport8041-1101 Sport

*** Koni Shocks are sold individually, so please order 2 Fronts and 2 Rears for a complete set ***

Note: Some vehicles have Right and Left Front Shocks, others don't. Applications are listed. The part number will be followed by a L or R, in this case, please order 1 of each, along with 2 rears for a full set.