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Manley Sport Compact Titanium Valve Spring Retainers

Manley Sport Compact Titanium Valve Spring Retainers

Manley Titanium Retainers

  • Heat treated aerospace grade titanium
  • CNC machined to exacting tolerances
  • Lightweight and extremely durable
  • A must for your high reving sport compact engine

Part No.ApplicationSpringValve Stem DiameterValve Lock DegreeDimensions
23000-16Acura B18C/B16A/H22Stock Spring5.5 mm1.100”.830”.600”.080”
23100-16Acura B16A/B18C/B17A
Honda H22 V-Tec
Manley 22105,
5.5 mm1.150”.870”.610”.080”
23120-16Honda B18A/B (Non V-Tec)Manley 221206.5 mm1.100”.805”.600”.080”
23140-16Honda K20A/K20ZManley 221405.5 mm1.050”.850”.610”.080”
23145-16Honda K20A3/K24AManley 221455.5 mm1.050”.775”.610”.045”
23150-16Honda F20C/F22CManley 221505.5 mm1.050”.850”.610”.080”
23190-16Dodge SRT-4Manley 221906.0 mm1.050”.760”-----.100”
23125-16Mitsubishi 4G63-4G63T DOHC 16 Valve (1990-2006)Manley 221256.6 mm1.050”.760”-----.140”
23155-24Nissan Patrol TB48Manley 221556.0 mm1.050”.760”-----.080”
23160-16Nissan KA24DEManley 221607.0 mm1.150”.850”.650”.080”
23165-16Nissan SR20DE/SR20DETManley 221656.0 mm1.150”.825”-----.080”
23170-24Nissan VQ35DETManley 221705.5 mm0.960”.690”-----.140”
23175-24Nissan RB26DETTManley 221756.0 mm1.050”.760”-----.080”
23180-16Subaru WRX/StiManley 221806.0 mm1.050”.745”.515”.100”
23130-24Toyota Supra 2JZGT/2JZGTE 6 cyl.Manley 221306.0 mm1.050”.745”.515”.100”