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Mishimoto Radiator

Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator

mishimoto radiator

Whether you're a daily driver searching for a dependable quality upgrade from your current OEM radiator, or you're a devoted racer who needs a lightweight, high-performance radiator, Mishimoto has the radiator you're looking for. Many drivers overlook the importance of having a high-quality aluminum radiator installed, yet it is one of the most important components in your vehicle's engine. Mishimoto performance radiators are designed to efficiently reduce the heat from vital areas. Made with 100% brazed aluminum for a clean OEM fit, Mishimoto radiators ensure excellence and a lifetime of efficient cooling. Mishimoto radiators are perfect for any turbocharged, supercharged, or nitrous-oxide engine. Check out Mishimoto's silicone hose kits and aluminum fan shrouds both make a perfect match with the Mishimoto Performance aluminum radiators.

Year/Make/ModelPart #
90-93 Acura Integra, ManualMMRAD-INT-90
94-01 Acura Integra, ManualMMRAD-INT-94
90-05 Acura NSX, ManualMMRAD-NSX-90
02-04 Acura RSX, ManualMMRAD-RSX-02
87-91 Bmw M3 E30, ManualMMRAD-E30-82
92-99 Bmw E36, ManualMMRAD-E36-92
99-07 Bmw M3 E46, ManualMMRAD-E46-99
95-99 Dodge Neon, ManualMMRAD-NEO-96
03-05 Dodge Neon SRT-4, ManualMMRAD-NEO-01
99-04 Ford Lightning, ManualMMRAD-LTN-99
79-93 Ford Mustang, ManualMMRAD-MUS-79
94-95 Ford Mustang, ManualMMRAD-MUS-94
94-95 Ford Mustang, AutomaticMMRAD-MUS-94A
96 Ford Mustang, ManualMMRAD-MUS-96
97-04 Ford Mustang, ManualMMRAD-MUS-97
97-04 Ford Mustang, AutomaticMMRAD-MUS-97A
05+ Ford Mustang, Manual, 2010 Ford Mustang GT ManualMMRAD-MUS-05
92-00 Honda Civic Manual, 93-97 Del Sol ManualMMRAD-CIV-92
01-05 Honda Civic ManualMMRAD-CIV-01
06+ Honda Civic SI, ManualMMRAD-CIV-06SI
88-91 Honda CRX, ManualMMRAD-CRX-88
03+ Honda Element, ManualMMRAD-ELE-03
97-01 Honda Prelude, ManualMMRAD-PRE-97
00-09 Honda S2000, ManualMMRAD-S2K-00
03-08 Hyundai Tiburon, Manual *NEWMMRAD-TIB-01
03-07 Infiniti G35, Manual and AutomaticMMRAD-G35-03
01-05 Lexus IS300, ManualMMRAD-IS300-01
90-97 Mazda Miata, ManualMMRAD-MIA-90
99-05 Mazda Miata, ManualMMRAD-MIA-99
01-03 Mazda Protegé, ManualMMRAD-PRO-03
04-08 Mazda RX8, ManualMMRAD-RX8-04
91-99 Mitsubishi 3000GT Turbo and Non-Turbo / Dodge Stealth 91-96 Turbo and Non Turbo, ManualMMRAD-3KGT-91
90-94 Mitsubishi Eclipse, ManualMMRAD-ECL-90
95-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo, ManualMMRAD-ECL-95T
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4,5,6, ManualMMRAD-EVO-456
01-07 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, ManualMMRAD-EVO-01
08+ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10, 08+ Lancer and Lancer Ralliart, ManualMMRAD-EVO-10
89-94 Nissan 240sx w/ KA, ManualMMRAD-240-89KA
95-98 Nissan 240sx w/ KA, ManualMMRAD-240-95KA
89-94 Nissan 240sx S13 SR20DET, ManualMMRAD-S13-89SR
95-98 Nissan 240sx S14 SR20DET, ManualMMRAD-S14-95SR
90-96 Nissan 300ZX Turbo, Manual *NEWMMRAD-300ZX-90T
03-06 Nissan 350Z, ManualMMRAD-350Z-03
95-99 Nissan Maxima, ManualMMRAD-MAX-95
91-99 Nissan Sentra, ManualMMRAD-SEN-91
91-99 Nissan Sentra w/ SR20, ManualMMRAD-SEN-91SR
00-05 Nissan Sentra SE-R Vspec, ManualMMRAD-SEN-00
08+ Nissan Sentra Spec-V, Manual *NEWMMRAD-SEN-08
R32 Nissan Skyline, ManualMMRAD-RHD-R32
R33/R34 Nissan Skyline, ManualMMRAD-RHD-R33
93-98 Subaru WRX GC8, ManualMMRAD-GC8-93
01-07 Subaru WRX and STI, ManualMMRAD-WRX-01
08+ Subaru WRX and STI, ManualMMRAD-STI-08
05+ Scion tC, ManualMMRAD-TC-05
04-07 Scion xB, ManualMMRAD-XB-04
00-05 Toyota Celica, ManualMMRAD-CEL-00
83-87 Toyota Corolla, ManualMMRAD-AE86-83
03-07 Toyota Corolla / 03-07 Pontiac Vibe, ManualMMRAD-COR-03
90-97 Toyota MR2, ManualMMRAD-MR2-90
86-93 Toyota Supra, ManualMMRAD-SUP-86
93-98 Toyota Supra Turbo, ManualMMRAD-SUP-93T
00-03 Toyota Tundra, ManualMMRAD-TUN-00
94-98 Volkswagen Golf VR6, ManualMMRAD-GLF-94
99-02 Volkswagen Golf, ManualMMRAD-GLF-99
Universal Radiator, 25" x 16" x 3", ManualMMRAD-UNI-25
Universal Radiator, 26" x 18.5" x 2.8", ManualMMRAD-UNI-26
Mishimotorsports 26" x 17" x 3.5" Dual Pass Race Radiator *NEWMMRAD-DBP-26
All Mishimoto Radiators are made for manual transmission's unless noted for automatic.