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Precision Turbo Intercooler

Precision Turbo Intercoolers

Precision Turbo Intercooler

Air to Air Cores
Part NumberModel NumberDimensionsRated HP
051-1001AA10016.00L x 11.70H x 3.00D225-hp
051-1005AA10056.00L X 12.00H X 3.50D250-hp
051-1009AA10086.00L x 12.00H x 4.50D325-hp
051-1021AA10188.00L x 11.70H x 4.50D425-hp
051-1053AA104213.0L X 17.35H X 3.00D680-hp
051-2101AA210118.0L x 6.40H x 3.50D400-hp
051-1124AA107918.0L x 12.00H x 3.00D650-hp
051-2160AA109424.0L x 8.00H x 3.50D675-hp
051-2182AA109824.0L x 10.00H x 3.50D775hp
051-1216AA111927.0Lx 10.50H x 3.50D850hp
051-222827.0L x 12.3H x 5.00D1700-hp
Complete Air-to-Air Intercoolers
Part NumberModel NumberDimensions/NotesRated HP
053-1005AS102126.75L x 6.20H x 3.50D, 2.50" Inlet/Outlet350-hp
053-1010AS102531.50L x 8.00H x 3.50D, 2.75" Inlet/Outlet600-hp
053-1015AS102631.50L x 10.30H x 3.50D, 2.75" Inlet/Outlet750-hp
053-1020AS101934.50L x 10.50H x 3.50D, 2.75" Inlet /Outlet825-hp
053-2005IC010Buick Stock Location w/ Hardware, 3" Inlet/Outlet750-hp
Complete Liquid-to-Air Intercoolers
Part NumberModel NumberDescriptionRated HP
054-1000PT-1000Sheet Metal Air Tanks1,000hp
054-1001PT-1001Cast End Tanks1,000hp
054-2000PT-2000Sheet Metal Air Tanks2,000-hp
054-2500PT-2500For Wilson and Hogan Manifolds2,500-hp
054-3000PT-3000Sheet Metal Air Tanks3,000-hp
054-4000PT-4000Sheet Metal Air Tanks4,000-hp
Liquid-to-Air Intercooler Accessories
Part NumberDescription
052-11103" vband intercooler assembly
052-11214" vband intercooler assembly 1 (for pipe side to intercooler)
052-11204" vband intercooler assembly 2 (for quick disconnects in IC piping)
054-9000Liquid to Air Intercooler Water Pump 12V
054-9001Intercooler to Water Pump Fittings