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Precision Turbo

Precision Turbo Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionNotes
Elbows (Aluminum)
073-20002.0" Aluminum Cast Elbow f/ Compressor Cover
073-25002.5" Aluminum Cast Elbow f/ Compressor Cover
073-30003.0" Aluminum Cast Elbow f/ Compressor Cover
073-40003.0" 90-degree Aluminum Tube Elbow
073-40504.0" 90-degree Aluminum Tube Elbow
073-40602.0" 90-degree Aluminum Tube Elbow
Inlet Flanges (Turbine Housing)
074-1008T3 Inlet Flange (Stainless Steel)
074-1011T4 Inlet Flange (Mild Steel)
074-1014Large Frame Inlet Flange (Mild Steel)
074-1017Buick 3-Bolt to T4 4-Bolt Adapter (Mild Steel)
074-1050Pro Mod V-Band Inlet Flange (3.5" Stainless Steel)
Flanges - Oil Drain
074-2005Med/Large Frame Oil Drain Flange -10AN
074-2008Small Frame Oil Drain Flange -10AN
074-2011T3/T4 Oil Drain Flange 1/2" NPT
074-2013T3/T4 Oil Drain Flange 3/8" NPT
074-2017GT28R/GT30R/GT35R Oil Drain Flange
074-2018Oil Restrictor (-4AN) f/ Ball Bearing turbos
Bearing Housing Flange Kits (Oil Inlet)
074-2020Bearing Housing Flange Kit for GT32, GT35, GT37 and GT40 non ball bearing turbos (includes oil feed fitting, oil feed flange, bolts, and gasket)
074-2023Bearing Housing Flange Kit for GT40R, GT42R & GT45R (includes oil feed flange w/ built-in -4AN oil restrictor, bolts, and gasket)
074-2026Bearing Housing Flange Kit for GT55, GT60 and PT91 thru PT114 large frame turbos (includes oil feed flange, oil feed fitting, bolts, and gasket)
Exhaust Flanges (Turbine Housing Outlet)
074-3002Mild Steel Downpipe Weld Flange (5 bolt)For T25 turbos
074-3005Mild Steel 4-bolt Discharge Weld FlangeFor T3 turbos
074-3008Stainless Steel 5-bolt Discharge Weld FlangeFor T3 turbos
074-3010SS 4 Bolt Turbine Outlet Flange for GT30R/GT35RT3 inlet turbos
074-3011SS 3-inch V-band Weld Flange f/ Turbine HsgV-Band Conversion
074-3012SS 3-inch V-band Weld Flange f/Turbine Outlet3" Discharge T-Housings
074-3014MS 3 5/8-inch Tube Weld Flange f/ Turbine Outlet3 5/8" Discharge T-Housings
074-3036SS 3-5/8 Turbine Outlet f/ 3" or 3.5" Downpipe3 5/8" Discharge T-Housings
074-3017MS 4-inch On Center Turbine Outlet FlangeFor PT88 turbo
074-3020MS 4-bolt On Center Turbine Outlet FlangeFor On Center T-Housings
074-3023MS 4-inch V-band Turbine Outlet FlangeFor PT88 turbo
074-3026MS 4-inch Pipe Connector Flange f/ PTP074-3023For Quick Disconnect
074-3029MS 5-inch Turbine Outlet Weld FlangeFits most large frame turbos
074-3033SS 3-5/8 Slip Joint Weld Flange f/ Exhaust Hsg
074-3045SS Turbine Outlet Flange for GT42 (Sell w/ PTP071-1038 Vband clamp)For GT42 and GT45 turbos
074-3048GT45 6-bolt Turbine Outlet FlangeFor GT45 turbos
074-3062T-HSG to 4" Turbine Discharge flange (MS)For Pro Mod Vband housing
074-3066T-HSG to 4.5" Turbine Discharge flange (MS)For Pro Mod Vband housing
Compressor Cover Discharge Flanges
074-3042Aluminum Compressor discharge flange (Includes clamp and o-ring)For GT42/GT45/GT47/GT55
074-1005T25 4 Bolt Inlet
075-5000Buick 3 Bolt Copper Gasket
075-5003T3 4 Bolt Inlet
075-5006T4 4 Bolt Inlet
075-5009T5 4 Bolt Inlet
075-5012Oil Drain for Small Frame Turbos
075-5013Oil Drain for Mid Frame Turbos (PT80&PT88)
075-5014Oil Drain for Ball Bearing Turbos
075-5015Oil Drain for Large Frame Turbos
075-5017Split T4 (for divided T4 exhaust housings)