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Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil

Royal Purple Synchromax Manual Transmission Fluid

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Beyond Synthetic™

Synchromax™ is recommended for manual transmissions that specify an automatic transmission fluid or motor oil. It is also ideal for 4x4 transfer cases and / or 2-cycle motorcycle gear boxes. Synchromax™ is formulated with Royal Purple's synthetic, proprietary Synerlec® additive technology, which offers improved shift quality over a wide temperature range and reduced gear noise. Synchromax™ is fully compatible with all types of friction materials and offers excellent corrosion and oxidation protection without affecting the soft metals commonly found in manual transmission synchronizers. Contains Synerlec® additive technology.

Synchromax™Exclusive Performance Advantages:

  • Formulated with Synerlec® additive technology for Reduced Wear
  • Smoother Shifts
  • Excellent Rust / Corrosion Protection
  • Reduces Friction for More Power
  • Lowers Operating Temperatures

Royal Purple Synchromax Manual Transmission Fluid

Standard Packaging:

  • 12 1-Quart Bottles / Case*
  • 5-Gallon Pail
  • 55-Gallon Drum

*Available in cases only.

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John Shreiner 2-Time Grand AM GS Winner at Daytona (2001 & 2002)

Team: Schreiner Racing

Driver: John Shreiner / Jeff Lapcevich

Car: 1995 Ford Cobra"R"

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

2-Time Grand AM GS Winner at Daytona (2001 & 2002)

Engine >> Royal Purple® Racing 21
Trans >> Royal Purple® Synchromax™
Rear >> Royal Purple® Max-Gear® 75W90