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Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil

Royal Purple Motor Oil


Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil

Oxidation is the breakdown of oil caused by a chemical reaction with oxygen. Oxidation is accelerated by heat, light and the presence of water or contaminants. When oils oxidize they thicken and eventually turn into sludge and varnish. Oil even becomes corrosive under these conditions. Royal Purple lubricants are many times more oxidation stable than the competition.

Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil

High film strength and good lubricity are very important for proper lubrication.  Royal Purple lubricants have much greater film strength than other lubricants. High film strength results in superior wear protection. Royal Purple Lubricants handle extreme pressure better than all other motor oils.

Dynamometer tests confirm Royal Purple lubricants' "lower friction properties" release more horsepower and torque. Using Royal Purple lubricants throughout the driveline of your vehicle produces impressive results. Transmissions shift more smoothly, oil temperatures run cooler, motors run more smoothly and improved fuel economy are just a few of the benefits you will experience when using Royal Purple lubricants. Changing to Royal Purple Lubricants will make a difference!

Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil

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