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Skunk2 Racing CamGears

Skunk2 Pro Series Cam Gears

Skunk2 Pro Series Cam Gear

In order to maximize horsepower, it is critical that camshafts are set at the proper position relative to crankshaft position. Skunk2 Pro-Series cam gears feature a super lightweight design and are CNC machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum.

Skunk2 Tuner Series Cam Gears

Skunk2 Tuner Series Cam Gear

Skunk2 cam gears allow engine tuners to optimize horsepower and torque by adjusting camshaft timing. All Skunk2 Tuner Series adjustable cam gears are CNC Machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum.

Product DescriptionNoteQty.Tuner SeriesPro Series
BlueSilverRedTi Color
Honda / Acura
1.5/1.6L SOHC Civic/CRX/Del Sol1988-95 D-Series Motor1304-05-0150304-05-0170304-05-5170
1.6/1.7/1.8/2.0/2.3L DOHC Civic/Del Sol/Integra/Prelude1988-01 B-Series / H232304-05-0180304-05-0200304-05-5202
K20A/ A2/ A3/ Z1/ Z2/ Z3 & K24A1/ A2/ A3/ A4/ A8Exhaust1304-05-0275
2.2 & 2.0 DOHC VTEC Prelude/ AccordH22A/ F20B2304-05-0225304-05-5225
2.2L SOHC Accord/Prelude/Acura CLF22/ F231304-05-0230304-05-0245
2.0L DOHC 95-99 Eclipse Turbo4G63/ 4G63T2304-06-0250304-06-0265304-06-0260304-06-5265
2.0L 4G63Bt DOHC 2003-05 Evo VIII4G63Bt2304-06-5265