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Skunk2 Racing

Skunk2 Racing Valves and Valve Springs

Skunk2 Forged Engine Valves

Skunk2 Valve

Though many aftermarket valves look similar, Skunk2 forged valves feature specifically designed valve head profiles to optimize airflow when used with stock or performance valve jobs.

Product DescriptionQty.Standard Size+0.5mm Over Size+1.0mm Over Size
Sth CompHigh CompSth CompHigh CompSth CompHigh Comp
Tuner Series Valves
Valve Set (D-Series SOHC VTEC)8-In, 8-Ex310-05-2410310-05-2420310-05-2430310-05-2440
Exhaust Valve (D-Series SOHC VTEC)1-Ex310-05-0400310-05-0390310-05-0403310-05-0393
Intake Valve (D-Series SOHC VTEC)1-In310-05-0420310-05-0410310-05-0423310-05-0413
Valve Set (H-Series DOHC VTEC)8-In, 8-Ex310-05-2370310-05-2380310-05-2390310-05-2400
Exhaust Valve (H-Series DOHC VTEC)1-Ex310-05-0363310-05-0353310-05-0365310-05-0355
Intake Valve (H-Series DOHC VTEC)1-In310-05-0383310-05-0373310-05-0385310-05-0375
Valve Set (K-Series DOHC I-VTEC)8-In, 8-Ex310-05-2535310-05-2540310-05-2537310-05-2543310-05-2539
Exhaust Valve (K-Series DOHC I-VTEC)1-Ex310-05-0431310-05-0426310-05-0433310-05-0429310-05-0444
Intake Valve (K-Series DOHC I-VTEC)1-In310-05-0441310-05-0436310-05-0443310-05-0439310-05-0434
Pro Series Valves
Valve Set (B-Series DOHC VTEC)8-In, 8-Ex310-05-5310310-05-5320
Exhaust Valve (B-Series DOHC VTEC)1-Ex310-05-5311310-05-5321
Intake Valve (B-Series DOHC VTEC)1-In310-05-0340310-05-5322
Valve Set (H-Series DOHC VTEC)8-In, 8-Ex310-05-5350310-05-5360
Exhaust Valve (H-Series DOHC VTEC)1-Ex310-05-5351310-05-5361
Intake Valve (H-Series DOHC VTEC)1-In310-05-5352310-05-5362
Valve Set (K-Series DOHC I-VTEC)8-In, 8-Ex310-05-5535310-05-5540

Skunk2 Valve Springs and Valve Spring Retainers

Skunk2 Valve Springs

Skunk2 Racing valve springs have been developed as a result of their experiences in drag racing and touring car racing. Skunk2 Tuner Series springs are made from super clean chrome silicone wire milled in Japan.

Product DescriptionNoteQty.Tuner Series
Valve Springs
Pro Series
Valve Springs
RetainersSpring Base Kit
Honda / Acura
B16A/ B17A/ B18C DOHC VTECDual Springs16311-05-0350311-05-5350308-05-0300
H22A & F20B DOHC VTECDual Springs16311-05-0360308-05-0300312-05-0015
K20/ K24/ F20C/ F22CDual Springs16311-05-0380311-05-5380308-05-0410312-05-0010