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Supertech Racing Valves and Pistons

Supertech Cam Followers, Lash Caps and Shims

Supertech Bucket lifters are designed using the latest CATIA CAD software and Finite Element Analysis for the high demanding conditions of endurance racing, road racing or drag racing. Supertech Cam followers cannot be compared in any sense with the cheaper, extruded or factory supplied lifters due to the superior materials, coatings and superb manufacturing that is only found at the highest levels of Motorsports.

Supertech Bucket Lifters Feature:
  • Made of Aerospace certified Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium alloys. This is a much stronger material than the alloys used in extruded lifters.
  • Completely CNC machined from heat treated billet provides only the necessary and calculated thickness of the walls with very special shapes, providing better rigidity with an important reduction in weight.
  • The lifters are fully Nitrided and polished to harden the surface for low wear. Higher cam lifts and rpms will submit conventional lifters to an important wear.
  • Surface is carefully finished by grinding it to a much lower surface roughness for lower friction with the cams, cylinder head bore, providing longer durability.

That is why Supertech’s lifters are REAL RACING lifters, and the answer for your racing engines.

Application Part NumberDiameterLengthPad Thickness / PostWeight
Audi 1.8T / 2.7TIntake: CF-24/1524mm24.2mm15mm27.5 grs
Exhaust: CF-33.5/15.533.5mm25.8mm15.50mm45.9 grs
BMWCF-33/1433mm26mm14mm40.3 grs
BMWCF-33/2.933mm26mm2.92mm33 grs
BMWCF-33/3.033mm26mm3.0mm33.2 grs
BMW M12 / VW Golf 16vCF-37/3.337mm26mm3.30mm40 grs
BMW M12 / VW Golf 16vCF-37/3.637mm26mm3.68mm40.6 grs
BMW M12 / VW Golf 16vCF-37/3.937mm26mm3.90mm40.9 grs
BMW S14CF-37.5/3.1+37.50mm28mm3.1mm + Shim 1.45-3.50mm45.3 grs
BMW S14CF-37.5/5.65+37.50mm28mm5.65mm + Shim 1.45-3.50mm47.6 grs
BMW S14 - MaseratiCF-37.5/4.537.50mm28mm4.50mm 46 grs
Ferrari / LamborghiniCF-33/5.1033mm24.5mm5.10mm33 grs
Honda CRF 250CF-22.5/3.022.5mm16mm3.0mm
Honda CRF 450CF-26/3.026mm18mm3.0mm
Nissan / Subaru H6 (1st Gen)CF-34/2.5+34mm26mm2.5mm + Shim 1.45- 3.50mm32.4 grs
Nissan 350Z/ VQ35CF34/6.5+34mm21mm6.5mm + Shim 1.45-3.50mm34 grs
Nissan KA24CF34/3.5+34mm26mm3.5mm + Shim 1.45- 3.50mm33.5 grs
Opel / Peugeot oversizeCF-32.5/2.532.50mm23.1mm2.50mm26.3 grs
Toyota / Nissan CF-31/3.7831mm25.5mm3.78mm30.9 grs
Toyota / Nissan / Mazda DuratecCF-31/2.5+31mm25.5mm2.50mm + Shim 1.45- 3.50mm29.5 grs
Toyota / Nissan RB26CF-31/2.731mm24.8mm2.70mm28.6 grs
Toyota 2JZ / 3SGTE/ 1ZZ / Scion / Tacoma 2RZ-3RZ / Nissan RB26CF-31/3.28+31mm25.5mm3.28mm + Shim 1.45-3.50mm31 grs
Toyota 4AGE 16vCF-28/3.85+28mm23mm3.85mm + Shim 1.45-3.50mm26.3 grs
Toyota 4AGE 16v OversizeCF-30/3.330mm23.5mm3.30mm
VW / SubaruCF-35/2.835mm26mm2.80mm36.5 grs
VW / Subaru / Sierra CosworthCF-35/3.335mm26mm3.30mm36.6 grs
VW / Subaru EJ20-EJ25CF-35/2.7+35mm25mm2.7mm + Shim 1.45- 3.50mm35.2 grs
VW / Subaru EJ20-EJ25CF-35/3.7+35mm25mm3.7mm + Shim 1.45-3.50mm38.2 grs
VW 16vCF-35/14.7LC35mm26mm14.7mm for 7mm Las Caps43.8 grs
VW 16vCF-35/16.7LC35mm26mm16.7mm for 7mm Las Caps45.3 grs