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Turbosmart Performance Products

Turbosmart Performance Products

Blow-Off Valve Adapter Kits
DescriptionPart No.
Universal (use with Multi-Fit Blow-off Valves)
Hose Adapter -suit 19mm ID hose -supplied with FG-BLANK-19.FG-ADA-HO19
Hose Adapter -suit 25mm ID hose -supplied with FG-BLANK-25.FG-ADA-HO25
Hose Adapter -suit 32mm ID hose -supplied with FG-BLANK-32.FG-ADA-HO32
Hose Adapter -suit 34mm ID hose -supplied with FG-BLANK-34.FG-ADA-HO34
Hose Adapter -suit 38mm ID hose -supplied with FG-BLANK-38.FG-ADA-HO38
19mm ID Hose Blanking Plug -as supplied with FG-ADA-HO25.FG-ADA-BLNK19
25mm ID Hose Blanking Plug -as supplied with FG-ADA-HO25.FG-ADA-BLNK25
29mm ID Hose Blanking Plug -as supplied with FG-ADA-HO29.FG-ADA-BLNK29
32mm ID Hose Blanking Plug -as supplied with FG-ADA-HO32.FG-ADA-BLNK32
34mm ID Hose Blanking Plug -as supplied with FG-ADA-HO34.FG-ADA-BLNK34
38mm ID Hose Blanking Plug -as supplied with FG-ADA-HO38.FG-ADA-BLNK38
Weld-on aluminium adapterFG-ADA-WA38
Weld-on stainless steel adapterFG-ADA-SS38
Greddy Type S & R adapter - to fit to existing flangesFG-ADA-GREDDY
HKS SSQ Adapter - to fit to existing flangesFG-ADA-HKS-SSQ
BOV adapter block off cap - suits all Turbosmart BOV adaptersFG-ADA-CAP
Race Port to 38mm adapterTS-0204-2005
Model Specific (use with Multi-Fit Blow-off Valves)
Chrysler Neon SRT-4 -USA & CANADA onlyFG-ADM-SRT4
Mitsubishi Eclipse Gen 1 -adapter kit -USA & CANADA onlyFG-ADM-ECL1
Mitsubishi Eclipse Gen 2 -adapter kit -USA & CANADA onlyFG-ADM-ECL2
Nissan 180sx / Silvia -S13, SR20 -pipe kitFG-ADM-180SXSR
Nissan 200sx / Silvia, S14 & S15 -pipe kitFG-ADM-200SX
Nissan 300zx, Z32 twin turbo -pipe kit -polished and clear coated pipesFG-ADM-300ZX
Nissan Pulsar GTiR -BOV adapter kitFG-ADM-GTIR
Nissan R32 Skyline GTSt -BOV adapter kitFG-ADM-R32
Nissan R33 Skyline GTSt -BOV adapter kitFG-ADM-R33
Nissan R33 Skyline GTSt -Plumback connection kitFG-ADM-R33PBK
Dual Port BOV to the factory return pipe. Fitment of a BOV to this vehicle also requires Part no. FG-ADM-R33.
Smart -Fortwo & Roadster -pipe kit suits FG-BOV-001 only.FG-ADM-SMART
Subaru Forester GT 98'-00' 2.0Litre -adapter kitFG-ADM-FRST98
Subaru Forester GT 01'/02' 2.0 Litre -adapter kitFG-ADM-FRST20
Subaru Forester XT 03'/05' 2.5 Litre -adapter kitFG-ADM-FRST25
Subaru Liberty B4 (Series 1) twin turbo 01'-02' -adapter kitFG-ADM-LBB4
Toyota MR2 -adapter kitFG-ADM-MR2
Toyota Soarer 2.5TT -1JZ-GTE -pipe kitFG-ADM-SOARER
Toyota Supra JZA80 -2JZ-GTE -pipe kitFG-ADM-SUPRA