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Wiseco Piston

Wiseco Piston Applications: Ferrari

All Wiseco Pistons are sold with a ring set. Rings are available to order for rebuilding or refreshening of the engine.

330 GTC, GTS, GT V12
Kit Part #Bore mm/InchOver SizesStrokeRod Lgth.Comp Ht.Head cc'sDome DishGasket ThknessDeck ClearanceBlock Ht.Comp. RatioPin Dia.GramFoot NotesRing #
6501M77577.50/3.051Std.2.795 / 711.177 / 29.921.2.728 / 18.5mm3051XC

1. Most Wiseco pistons have offset pins. Pins must be offset same as o.e. for quitest operation - pin offset will be opposite of direction of engine rotation.

2. This piston is a flat top w/out valve pockets, to be used if verifying piston to valve and piston to head clearance.

6. Subaru piston for stroker application. Oil ring can drop into pin installation access hole, sleeved block w/ out access hole needed for best results.

  • Some pistons are listed with a range of compression ratio's. The low number is determined with an un-cut deck and the higher number is determined with .030 piston to cylinder head clearance.
  • Always check piston to valve clearance - If using VTEC or like mechanisms-check with longer duration higher lift lobe.
  • Always run at least .030 piston to head clearance including gasket thickness.
  • If piston appears to be different than expected, please do not hesitate to call Wiseco at 800-321-1364 to verify compatibility