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Carbonetic LSD and Gears

Carbonetic LSD (Limited Slip Differential) and Gears

All Carbonetic LSD (Limited Slip Differential), Carbonetic final drives, and Carbonetic Close Ratio gears are available to order thru the phone. Please call 866-381-4618 and we will be happyt to assist you.


The CARBONETIC LSD (Limited Slip Differential) responds to the demands of the novice or the professional driver seeking the most dependable control when competing in road racing, time attack, drifting competition or a rally event. A vehicle’s kinetic performance is largely determined by the potential of the selected LSD. CARBONETIC released the Carbon LSD and the Metal LSD. Those CARBONETIC LSD have different characteristics so you can choose the best one for your vehicle.

The world famous Carbonetic Carbon LSD provides linear and stable traction during acceleration and deceleration, and regardless of road conditions and driving style, it yields the ideal line preferred by the driver. Carbonetic Carbon LSD's are suitable for street, winding, circuit racing, fun circuit event, drifting, dirt trials, auto-cross (gymkhaha) and rallies.

Carbonetic Carbon LSD

CARBONETIC Carbon LSD Features:
  • More than twice the differential lock strength of metal LSDs
  • High carbon friction material increases the coefficient of friction
  • Friction coefficient of metal plate in oil: 0.05 ~ 0.15 vs carbon plate in oil: 0.25 ~ 0.35
  • Low initial drag resistance with reliable performance - surpasses more than 5 times that of metal LSDs
  • Acceleration control range in excess of 10 times that of metal LSDs
  • Vehicle will remain on track in and out of turns for exacting driving control
  • More than 30 times the thermal decomposition resistance of metal LSDs
  • Promotes increased driving skill - repeated time attacks or under loads of performance cars
  • More than 70 times the service life of metal LSDs
  • Virtually noiseless performance
  • Compatible with automatic transmission vehicles

Carbonetic Metal LSD

Carbonetic Metal LSD

Carbonetic's renowned line of metal LSD's has been proven time and again to make the difference in multiple areas of racing: street, winding road, circuit racing, open track days, drifting, drag racing, dirt trials, auto-cross (gymkhana) and rallies. While featuring excellent lubrication performance, it uses a tough, non-grinding clutch plate, and realises a powerful locking capability that never increases noise levels, even during intense driving episodes. Make the difference in racing with Carbonetic Metal LSD's.

Features of Carbonetic's Metal LSD
  • A non-grinding clutch plate that features high lubrication performance coupled with resilient surface hardness.
  • A maximum diameter clutch plate that enchances locking performance.
  • Stabilised acceleration response through appropriately applied torque initiation.

The performance of an LSD is significantly influenced by your choice of LSD oil. In order to guarantee the maximum performance, be sure to use Carbonetic LSD Oil. There are two tyres of Carbonetic LSD Oil - one is for FF and the other is for FR, Both oils can be safely used for hypoid gear and there's not much limitation for it's usage. It can be used as mission or differential oil for a car without mechanical LSD.

  • LSD Oil for FF: 80w/90 (4 litres)
  • LSD Oil for FR: 85w/90 (4 litres)

Carbonetic final drive gear

Carbonetic Final Drive Gear

  • Carbonetic offers 8% - 15% shorter final gears for selected models.
  • A shorter final gear yields a higher delivered torque to the ground and faster acceleration for each gear.
  • An appropriate final gear will provide a significant advantage on the race course.
  • All Carbonetic final gears are heat treated and special shot peening is applied for greater durability.

Carbonetic close ratio gears

Carbonetic Close Ratio Gears

With the gear ratio closer to each other than stock, Carbonetic close ratio gear sets are designed to keep the engine revs at the optimal range.

Carbonetic Close Ratio Gear Sets Feature:
  • Improve your lap time by keeping the revs at the most powerful range (VTEC is fully utilised in Honda VTEC powered vehicles).
  • Can be combined with the Carbonetic Final Gear.
  • 3rd & 4th gear are reinforced with special shot peening.