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POWER. FLEXIBILITY. CONTROL. The Cobb AccessPORT is the industry leading OEM ECU flashing, managing and monitoring assistant. Unlock power hidden within the ECU by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. The result is impressive gains in torque and horsepower while maintaining a high degree of safety. The Cobb AccessPORT comes with pre-installed maps that are optimized for common performance modifications.

Tuning flexibility ranges from simply loading one of the included performance maps designed for common modifications, all the way to complete custom map authoring using our powerful Cobb AccessTUNER software. Extract maximum power from virtually any modification while retaining the driveability and sophistication inherent in the OEM ECU.

Unlike other tuning options, the Cobb AccessPORT is truly unique in its capabilities that go far beyond typical “chipping” or “reflashing” solutions. This is where the Cobb AccessPORT clearly stands out from the competition:

  • Simple Installation - Just about anyone with even the most basic of automotive knowledge can quickly and easily install a Cobb AccessPORT. No computers, wire cutting/splicing or tools of any kind are required.
  • Base Maps - COBB Tuning provides several preloaded maps for common power modifications. Each base map is dyno developed and rigorously tested in multiple COBB Tuning facilities across the country These tests cover the spectrum of altitude, temperature, humidity, octane and fuel quality variables to ensure proper calibration and performance wherever the car is driven.
  • Change Maps - Since all base maps and custom tune maps are stored in the Cobb AccessPORT, you can change maps any time you want. Switch to a race gas map for that extra performance at the track. Go to the Fuel Economy map for those long boring drives. Load the Valet map to keep revs below 3,200 when you drop your car off with the parking attendant. The Anti-Theft map does not allow the car to start, keeping it safe in suspect areas or during extended parking.
  • Performance - Turn on your own portable performance evaluation suite! Measure 0-60mph time, 60 foot and 1/4 mile ET’s and Trap Speed. Switch to Dynamometer simulation and calculate your vehicle’s horsepower and torque.
  • Live Data - Monitor OEM sensor data on-the-fly. Use the Cobb AccessPORT as an additional gauge to monitor a huge number of signals, like: RPM, Intake Air Temp, Boost Pressure, Baro Pressure, Abs Pressure, MAF, Ign Advance, Injector Pulse Width and many more!
  • Datalogging - Onboard datalogging allows multiple channels of data to be recorded simultaneously for later review. This allows for analysis of current engine performance. Datalogs can be sent to professional tuners to provide additional power gains remotely through email!
  • Trouble Codes - The Cobb AccessPORT allows you to read engine codes to troubleshoot issues and potentially save you from an expensive trip to the dealership. Once the issue is resolved, clear the codes and turn off the check engine light.
  • Uninstall - In the event the car must be returned to the stock configuration, the Cobb AccessPORT can be completely removed and the ECU restored to its factory condition. Perfect for trips to the dealership.