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DBA Brake Rotors

DBA Brake Rotors

DBA Standard Slotted and Gold Series (Cross Drilled & Slotted) Brake Rotors

DBA Standard Series Brake Rotor Applications

DBA Street Series Brake Rotors

DBA’s entry level enhanced performance rotor, offering improved braking straight out of the box.

Available with slotting to improve pad bite and reduce brake fade and – in the Gold variant – with slotting and cross drilling for maximum cooling and an attractive, aggressive appearance.

The perfect replacement for performance conscious street motorists.

DBA 4000 Series Brake Rotors

DBA 4000 Series Brake Rotor Applications

DBA 4000 Series Brake Rotors

DBA's mid-series enhanced performance rotor features Thermal Stability Profiling for improved heat handling and Thermo-Graphic paint markings for effective heat monitoring.

The 4000 slotted has a unique 6x6 Wiper Slot design for extreme stopping power on road and track.

The 4000XS, with cross-drilling and slotting, is DBA's premium one-piece rotor for street use.

DBA 5000 Series Brake Rotors

DBA 5000 Series Brake Rotor Applications

DBA 5000 Series Brake Rotors

With a two piece design and an Alumalite™ center hat, DBA's 5000 is one of the finest rotors available anywhere and at any price.

The 5000 series rotors are available in different configurations for road and track use, and with a variety of finishes to complement a great looking performance car.

Yet, as with every DBA rotor, they bolt straight on with no mechanical changes needed. For the buyer that must have the best, the 5000 is the solution.