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Edelbrock Performance Products

Edelbrock Performance Products


The Edelbrock Corporation now has over 600 employees and, since October 1994, has been a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (symbol: EDEL). Five locations, four in Torrance and the Foundry in San Jacinto, California, make up the Corporate facilities for a total of over 400,000 square feet. The main offices include: engineering and testing; manufacturing; sales; tech support; warehouse; print shop; advertising and accounting.

Russell Performance Products became part of the Edelbrock family early in 2001. They were moved to the shock facility in the Spring and we are pleased to welcome the Russell employees to "The Fun Team".


"Proven Performance" is the philosophy that began with Vic Sr. in 1938 and it continues today with the same high standards of performance and quality. Vic Sr. would be proud of what has grown out of his small garage in Los Angeles.

When they say "proven" at Edelbrock, they mean it. Many hours of research, design and testing go into each Edelbrock product before it goes to market. Through teamwork, good equipment and dedication, Edelbrock designs and manufactures products that deliver maximum performance