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GReddy Intercooler Kits

GReddy Intercooler Kits

GReddy Intercooler Kit

The addition of a GReddy intercooler is an excellent way of safely increasing horsepower. By reducing the engine's inlet temperatures, a denser air charge will enter the engine; this will make more power at the same boost level. GReddy vehicle specific kits include all the necessary mounts, piping and hoses required to install the kit. All GReddy intercooler kits are designed to give maximum cooling capacity while allowing for minimal pressure drops. This is achieved by properly sizing the core and tuning the internal core with either a V-spec. core or with a different inner fin pattern in the R-spec core. All intercooler cores are an air-to-air, tube and fin design that does not require any specialized liquid plumbing. The end of the cores are capped off with our smooth flowing heavy-duty cast aluminum endtanks.

(Note: (#) = No. of Rows, Row / Type# = Core Size, SL= Stock Location, FM= Front Mounted, GTK = only with GReddy Turbo Kit, GP = only with GReddy Piping Kit)

GReddy Intercooler Info

Make/ItemVehicle/EngineYearDsc./SizeSpl. NotesPart#
ACUINTEGRA GSR1994-01Type 24V, I/C Set-up Kitincludes I/C to throttlebody piping12050028
ACUINTEGRA GSR/LS/RS1994-0124Vfor GReddy Turbo Kit12050027
ACUINTEGRA GSR/LS/RS1994-0131Vfor GReddy Turbo12050026
ACURSX (base)2002-0631Vfor GReddy Turbo, incl. win. spray tank12050423
ACURSX TYPE S2002-0631Vfor GReddy Turbo, incl. win. spray tank12050029
AUDA4 1.8T1998-0131V12100001
AUDA4 2.0T2006-31V12100008
HONCIVIC EX1992-0024Vfor GReddy Turbo, also fits 93-95 Si12050050
HONCIVIC EX1992-0031Vfor GReddy Turbo12050415
HONCIVIC EX/SI1992-00Type 31V, I/C Set-up Kitincludes I/C to throttlebody piping12050416
HONCIVIC EX/SI1992-00Type 24V, I/C Set-up Kitincludes I/C to throttlebody piping12050051
HONCIVIC SI1999-0024Vfor GReddy Turbo12050005
HONCIVIC SI1999-0031Vfor GReddy Turbo12050007
HONCIVIC SI2002-0531Vfor GReddy Turbo12050418
HONPRELUDE1997-0124Vfor GReddy Turbo, req. smaller battery12050070
HONPRELUDE1997-0131Vfor GReddy Turbo, req. smaller battery12050071
HYNGENESIS COUPE 2.0T2009-24LSFront-mount12110400
INFG352002-0623Rfor GReddy Turbos12020153
MAZRX71987-8924Vfor factory turbo12040401
MAZRX71987-8932R -HG12040403
MAZRX71993-9622Rstock location12040408
MAZRX71993-9624Vfor factory turbos, reloc. battery12040409
MAZRX71993-9624Vfor factory turbos w/ GReddy Piping, reloc. battery12040410
MAZRX71993-9624Rfor factory turbos, reloc. battery12040415
MAZRX71993-9624R -HGfor GReddy Turbo w/ piping kit, reloc. battery12040412
MAZRX71993-9632R -HGfor GReddy Turbo w/ piping kit, reloc. battery12040413
MITECLIPSE GST/GSX1995-9918Rreq. GReddy Pipe Kit12030421
MITECLIPSE GST/GSX1995-9924Vreq. GReddy Piping Kit12030002
MITEVOLUTION2001-0724Vfor stock turbo, piping kit rec.12030409
MITEVOLUTION2001-0724Rfor stock turbo, piping kit rec.12030410
MITEVOLUTION2001-0724R -HGfor GReddy Turbo, piping kit rec.12030413
MITEVOLUTION2001-0732R - HGfor GReddy Turbo, & smaller battery rec.12030430
MITLACER RALLIART2009-3112030499
NIS180SX S131991-9824vJDM, reloc. battery12020416
NIS180SX S131991-9824R -HGJDM, reloc. battery12020402
NIS240SX1995-9824Vfor GReddy Turbo Kit12020473
NIS300ZX1990-962x 14Rfor factory turbos12020455
NIS300ZX1990-9623R-HG-CCPincludes twin suction kit12020457
NIS300ZX1990-9615Rincludes twin suction kit12020456
NIS350Z2002-0623Rfor GReddy Turbos12020203
NISGTR2009-2x 06Rtwin vertical flow core, bumper diversion panels12020483
NISSILVIA S141993-9924VJDM, reloc. battery12020022
NISSILVIA S141993-9924R -HGJDM, reloc. battery12020472
SCIXB2003-ON31Vfor GReddy Turbo, req. Airinx kit12010443
SUBWRX/STI2002-0728Vreq. Airinx Intake, removes fog lights12060406
SUBWRX/STI2002-0728R -HGrec. Airinx Kit, removes fog lights12060407
TOYMR21990-96Type 13Rstock-location, stock or TD06 turbo12010000
TOYSUPRA1987-922X 16Rvertical flow core12010403
TOYSUPRA1993-972X 16Rstock-mounted i/c, for stock turbos12010406
TOYSUPRA1993-9724Vfor stock turbos, req. intake kit12010030
TOYSUPRA1993-9723Rfor GReddy turbo12010411
TOYSUPRA1993-9725R - HGfor GReddy Turbo12010410
VWBEETLE 1.8T1998-0131V12100002
VWBEETLE 1.8T1998-0128R12100003
VWGOLF IV 1.8T1998-0131V12100004
VWGOLF IV 1.8T1998-0128R12100005

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GReddy Intercooler Piping Kits

These kits do not include any intercoolers. They are support items to either change the factory hose to hard pipes or they allow for rerouting or custom making intercooler compression pipes.

Make/ItemVehicle/EngineYearDsc./SizeSpl. NotesPart#
MITECLIPSE GST/GSX1995-993pcs,includes GReddy BOV flange12030901
MITEVOLUTION2003-053pcsfor USA spec. car & batteryTBA
MITEVOLUTION X2009-Aluminum Suction Kit80mm piping11930200
MITEVOLUTION X2009-aluminum pipe setw/ spl cast 60-70mm pipe12030914
MITEVOLUTION X2009-aluminum pipe set w/ blow-off valveType RS, recirculated.12030915
UNIV50mm Piping Kitmisc. aluminum mandrel bends, assorted al. elbows, hoses & clampsuse to make your own custom piping12001505
UNIV60mm Piping Kitmisc. aluminum mandrel bends, assorted elbows, hoses & clampsused to make your own custom piping12001506
HONCIVIC EX/SI1992-95for I/C kit supplemental piping kit for orginal 198751 T/K12050901
MAZRX-71993-963pcs., for factory I/C12040900
MAZRX71993-962pcs, for GReddy I/C12040901
MAZRX71993-962pcs, for GReddy I/Cincludes injector holder13540491
MAZRX71993-963pcs, for stock I/Cincludes injector holder13540492
MAZRX71993-961pc. compression tube12040911
MAZRX71987-921pc, compression tube12441000
NISGTR2009-aluminum piping kit with BOVs Kit2x Type RZ BOVs12020943
NISGTR2009-Aluminum Suction Kit2x Airinx12020906

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Some items listed are legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.