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Ingalls Camber Kit

Ingalls Camber Kits

All Ingalls camber kits are available to order by phone. Please call to order, or email for information and pricing. Online applications and ordering will be available shortly.

Ingalls is the worlds best designed and engineered camber kit on the market. Many other companies have attempted to copy their camber kits but the attention to detail has been lost. Ingalls camber kits are almost identical in weight to the OE pieces, with strength that surpasses them. What this means is near-stock unsprung weight (critical to ride and handling) and strength. This translates into better suspension control and handling with OE durability. The same cannot be said for other camber kits on the market as their weight can be 2X to 3X the stock weight. Ingalls camber kits the trend again using a dedicated locking nut to keep the arm adjusted and in place for tens of thousands of miles. Others rely on the the torque of the mount to keep them adjusted. So why trust your cars suspension to anything less? Ingalls: Street Tough, Track Proven.

What is Camber?

Camber is the inward or outward tilt of the tire/wheel assembly. This angle is measured from a true vertical line, i.e. perpendicular to the ground. A tire/wheel assembly that is tilted outward at the top is considered to have positive camber. While a tire/wheel assembly tilted inward at the top, displays negative camber. For a zero setting, the tire/wheel assembly is in the exact vertical position or perpendicular to the ground. To rephrase, if the top of the tire/wheel assembly is tilted inward towards the engine, it has a negative camber. If the top of the tire/wheel assembly is tilted outward from the engine, the camber is positive.

Lowering & Expected Camber Changes

If you are planning to LOWER your vehicle BELOW the manufacturer's factory ride height, you can expect camber angles to change approximately as follows:

  • If you lower your vehicle 1 inch you can expect a camber change of approximately -.84°
  • Lowering your vehicle 2 inches will change camber approximately -2.12°
  • Lowering your vehicle 3 inches will change camber approximately -3.86°

Ingalls Camber Kits