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TiAL Wastegate and Blow Off Valve

TiAL Wastegates and Blow Off Valves: MV-S-Wastegate

TiAL 38mm MV-S Wastegate - Available in 4.41psi - 24.66psi
Part #Color
38-MVS-STiAL 38mm MV-S Wastegate - Silver
38-MVS-RTiAL 38mm MV-S Wastegate - Red
38-MVS-BTiAL 38mm MV-S Wastegate - Blue
38-MVS-GTiAL 38mm MV-S Wastegate - Black
38-MVS-PTiAL 38mm MV-S Wastegate - Purple

TiAL Sport 38mm MV-S Wastegate

TiAL Sport 38mm MV-S Wastegate

  • High temp NiCrFe based alloy is used for valve and 347SS valve housing will offer longer product life compared to competing designs.
  • High temperature silicone Nomex reinforced actuator diaphragm.
  • 17-7 PH Stainless Steel actuator spring gives consistent pressure at high temperature, resist "relaxing" at temperature to 900F (483C).
  • Nitronic 60 Stainless Steel is used for the valve seat, and valve bushing.
  • All Stainless Steel hardware.
  • Mating weld flanges are 304L
  • Color anodized aluminum actuator (Silver, Red, Blue, Purple, Black).
  • 3 lower ports and two top ports for easy install, no need to rotate the actuator top at all, plugs included for unused ports.
  • Ultra compact design fits in very tight spaces, the unit stands only 3.7" tall, more compact than any other external wastegate on the market today.
  • V-Band inlet and outlet make install easy, flanges and clamps are in the box!