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Tokico Shocks

Tokico Shocks, Springs and Suspension Kits

Tokico Suspension Application Guide

TOKICO offers a number of suspension products designed to improve handling and stability for maximum performance.

Tokico HP Series

TOKICO Premium Performance shock absorbers (aka "Tokico Blues") have a number of features not found in other shock absorbers. These features allow TOKICO shock absorbers to provide a superior combination of handling, stability, and ride quality.

  • Piston Rod Guide with Teflon® coated bushing for minimal dynamic friction and good piston-rod life.
  • Hardened, chrome-plated, and micro-polished piston-rod for long seal life and smooth operation.
  • Twice drawn over mandrel pressure tube. Concentricity provides good sealing and minimal dynamic friction (drag).
  • The heart of Tokico's shock absorber is their unique piston design. Tokico's multi-stage variable aperture sandwich valve system with its precision plates and precise orifice control, allows a flexibility of damping control not found in other shocks.
  • Tokico shock oil is specially compounded for resistance to breakdown and minimal viscosity change regardless of temperature.

Tokico Illumina Shocks

TOKICO Illumina adjustable series offers some of the highest shock absorber technology currently available in the aftermarket.Tokico Illumina gas shock's ease of adjustment and change in vehicle response is second to none. The Tokico Illumina uses a specially calibrated orifice bypass system which allows simultaneous adjustment of both compression and rebound. Each adjustment "clicks" so you always know your shock settings. The adjustment range of Tokico Illumina is one of the widest available, with 5 separate positions. Position 1 is the softest, or lowest damping force, while position 5 is the stiffest. Whether you are looking for ride or superb handling,Tokico Illumina is the answer.

Tokico HP Suspension Kit

TOKICO sport lowering springs are made from the finest alloy spring steel and they are designed to improve handling and appearance while still providing good ride quality. they are also designed to work in conjunction with TOKICO shock absorber products and avoid the damage caused by excessive lowering or excessive spring rates.

Tokico Illumina Suspension Kit

TOKICO Advanced Handling Suspension Kits include both TOKICO sport lowering springs and either Tokico Premium Performance or Tokico Illumina shocks and struts. Tokico suspension kits offer a superb combination of improved appearance, great handling, and good ride. You can save money by purchasing the complete Tokico suspension kit versus purchasing the parts separately.


Tokico Coilover Kit

TOKICO Coilover Kits. New from TOKICO are competition coilover shocks and spring kits. These coilover kits feature adjustable damping Tokico Illumina shocks with threaded adjustable spring seats for ride height adjustment. The complete coilover kit includes 4 Tokico Illumina coilover shock absorbers, spring seat adjuster tools, a shock adjuster and 4 special Tokico springs. At this time we have coilover kits for 90-97 Honda Accord, 92-00 Honda Civic and 94-00 Acura Integra.

(Since these coilover kits are competition-type, they do not carry a warranty)