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Z10 Traction System

Z10 Radius Arm Traction Systems

The Z10 Radius Arm Traction System can offer your car increased durability, improved traction, lower 60' times and will completely eliminate wheel-hop. It's specially engineered design provides extra stability, enabling you to not only launch harder but to retain complete suspension travel, no binding! Suitable for both road and drag racing, Z10's Radius Arm Traction System retains factory ground clearance and allows for caster adjustment. Mounting brackets are CNC pocketed for lightweight starts. Radius rods are high strength aluminum alloy. Using factory bolt holes, this true bolt-on unit will definitely improve your car's performance! Although this model comes standard with premium steel-rod ends, aluminum rod-ends are available upon request. A customizable powder-coating or a clear-coated exposed welds steel finish is also available. Ask us about our ultra-lightweight chrome-alloy option too.

Fits 1988-1991 Honda Civic-CRX
Z10 Traction Bar
Part # Z10-1002
  • Completely Eliminate Wheel-hop
  • Bolts to Stock Cross member Location AND Tow Hooks
  • Twin Parallel Bar Design
  • Stiffens Honda Frame Rails
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Lower Control Arm Brackets
  • Provides Clearance for Large Headers/Down pipes
  • Option to Run Smaller 92-95 Civic Radiator
  • Suitable for Road Race and Drag

Part # Z10-1002M Traction System w/ motor mount

Fits 1992-2000 Honda Civic / 1994-2000 Integra
Z10 Traction Bar
Part # Z10-1001 - Traction Control System
  • Completely Eliminate Wheel-hop!
  • Bolt-On Traction Uses Factory Bolt Holes
  • Launch Harder, Lower 60' times
  • Retains Complete Suspension Travel—No Binding
  • CNC Machined Components, TIG Welded Cross member
  • Retains Factory Ground Clearance
  • Allows for Caster Adjustment
  • Suitable for both Road Race and Drag Race Applications
***FITS 99-00 Si with no modification or swap of control arms

Part # Z10-1001A - Traction System w/ aluminum rod ends