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Haltech Engine Management Systems

Haltech was started by Steve Mitchell with the backing of his father Bill Mitchell in 1986. The original intention was to develop diagnostic equipment for electronic fuel injection but a request by "Modern Motor" magazine to solve the problem of supplying fuel to a supercharged Ford project car led to the development of a supplementary fuel injection computer. This was followed by a turbo timer.

Haltech then developed the world's first real time PC programmable engine management system i.e. programmable with the engine running. Screwdriver adjustable engine management systems had been available before the first Haltech ECU. There were systems such as the English Zytek which were very good systems but expensive, and at that time not programmable in real time. The first system, the Haltech F2 was followed by the Haltech F3 model which was produced by the thousands and there are many of both models still running today.

Later the Haltech F7 model was produced, originally for motor bikes and rotaries but it was no sooner released than customers were reporting proudly how well it was performing on their V8's! A whole series of fuel only computers followed the Haltech F7 with the Haltech F7A, F7B, F7C, F9, F9A to the F10 that we have today.

The Haltech E5 fuel injection computer led to the development of the Haltech E6, E6A and E6S fuel injection/ignition timing computers and was the origins of our successful Haltech E6K and E6X computers. The Haltech E6 series spawned a whole new era of engine management computers where fuel and ignition was controlled, but also idle speed and many ancillary devices.

The Haltech E11 series increased resolution, accuracy and allowed a large feature set with a powerful 32-bit processor. Together with improved user interface and data logging software, the Haltech E11/E8 is a highly regarded ECU in the market place.

The Haltech Platinum Series ECU's are the product of many years of R&D in the racing and performance industry. The result is a solid product range with wide feature sets with proven performance and reliability.

Haltech has a staff of engineers that are continually developing new products as well as supporting and updating existing products. Haltech products are designed and manufactured in Australia with Haltech’s own PCB manufacturing facilities to ensure that the greatest care is taken with the assembly of our product.

The Haltech ECU was the first highly adjustable reasonably priced programmable engine management system available and it was the right product at the right time. Haltech Engine Management Systems are now in use in many countries world wide and the market is still growing

Haltech ECU
Haltech Engine Management System

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