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To advance. To continually improve. To provide the very best suspension products available to enthusiasts. After seven years of steady product development, the PROGRESS TECHNOLOGY line of suspension components has become a premier program in the suspension marketplace. PROGRESS TECHNOLOGY 's long-term commitment to superior products and unparalleled customer satisfaction are fundamental to their business. PROGRESS TECHNOLOGY can deliver the performance you're looking for.

The science of industrial arts. The thinking that produces advancements. The internal drive that has allowed us to expand our manufacturing capability. This past year PROGRESS TECHNOLOGY has implemented a new anti-roll bar production line, using machinery built in-house. PROGRESS TECHNOLOGY has also created an in-house department to develop and build coil-over dampers (shock absorbers). In addition, PROGRESS TECHNOLOGY has enhanced their engineering capability with the acquisition of a shock absorber dynamometer, providing PROGRESS TECHNOLOGY with a key product development resource.

The Progress Group, Inc. has tuned four Honda/Acura project automobiles that have tested at over 1.0g lateral acceleration on the skidpad. What does 1.0g mean to you? It means your search is over! PROGRESS has all the suspension you need! At 1.0g lateral acceleration, the vehicle is generating it's own weight in cornering force, and a very impressive level of traction. We want to emphasize; these are not RWD super-cars, like Ferraris, Porsches or Corvettes. These are daily-driven Honda/Acura automobiles designed for economical, fun-to-drive transportation, not ultimate grip. All these vehicles featured bolt-on PROGRESS components and other readily available after-market products, not hand-built prototypes. Each project could be duplicated today using off-the-shelf components. The final results are street legal vehicles that are very capable, well balanced, and provide much better ride quality than the test data suggests. The achievement is significant, and the engineering effort a success. They are a testament to PROGRESS TECHNOLOGY's engineering and technology, and stands alone in the tuning market.

By first establishing themselves in the highly competitive Southern California market in 1995, PROGRESS TECHNOLOGY has been able to tune their company and their suspension products to address the growing needs of performance and racing enthusiasts across the country.

The Progress Group, Inc. has a growing relationship with Original Equipment Manufactures. This is a true testament to their success in the industry. PROGRESS TECHNOLOGY has supplied engineering services and/or suspension components to the following premier automotive companies:

  • America Honda Motor Corporation
  • DaimlerChrysler
  • Nissan Motorsports
  • Saturn Corporation
  • America Suzuki Motor Corporation
  • Mazda North American Operations
  • Roush Industries
  • Toyota Racing Development