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Unorthodox Racing

Unorthodox Racing

Unorthodox Racing, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of lightened underdrive pulleys (Ultra Street), lightened underdrive pulley sets (Ultra Street Set) lightened accessory pulleys (Ultra Accessory), lightened underdrive race pulleys (Ultra Race), lightened adjustable cam gears (Ultra Time Street & Ultra Time Race), heavy duty clutches (Ultra Grip), and lightened aluminum flywheels (Ultra Light).

It all began with a concept to manufacture only the highest quality products without any compromise in workmanship or materials. This concept became a reality at Unorthodox Racing through extensive research and development. Unorthodox Racing doesn't just keep up with the latest in performance manufacturing, materials, and development; they are an industry leader.

Unorthodox Racing products are manufactured and assembled here in the USA from the finest materials available today. Unorthodox Racing manufacturing processes follow strict quality control measures ensuring superior products that are attractive, durable, and reliable. Unorthodox Racing lightened underdrive pulleys, lightened adjustable cam gears, and lightened aluminum flywheels are held to .001" tolerances usually reserved for aircraft and military designs.

Unorthodox Racing's product line is driven by a growing market and uncompromising dedication to excellence. Product implementation and evolution is a direct result of customer and dealer relationships and feedback.

Unorthodox Racing product development began in 1995. Unorthodox Racing has been manufacturing and selling the Ultra Series products since 1997. Since then, owners worldwide have installed and used Unorthodox Racing pulleys, clutches, and flywheels in vehicles ranging from everyday street drivers to full race. Combined, there are over 1 billion miles driven with Unorthodox Racing Ultra Series products.


Unorthodox Racing Ultra A Lightened Accessory PulleyUltra A Lightened Accessory Pulleys

Unorthodox Racing Ultra S Lightened Underdrive Crank Pulleys
Ultra S Lightened Underdrive Crank Pulleys

Unorthodox Racing Ultra SS Lightened Underdrive Pulley Sets
Ultra SS Lightened Underdrive Pulley Sets

Unorthodox Racing Lightened Adjustable Street Cam Gears
UR Lightened Adjustable Street Cam Gears

Ultra Time gears are legal for sale or use in CA only for racing vehicles which may never be driven on a public highway.